Free time for children, essential

First the obligation, and then the fun. A saying that has been formulated in multiple ways, but that contains the same message: the first thing is to fulfill the responsibilities and then have fun. In fact, it is also important to comply with this point. While we must not leave aside the tasks to be fulfilled, we must remember that we are not machines capable of working 24 hours without rest.

The free time It is very important, especially for children. Holidays, moments of play, visits to the park, reading or a trip to the cinema enough to disconnect the mind and relieve the stress that comes with the day to day. In addition, it is also an excellent opportunity to get up from the chair and do some exercise to clear the mind and move joints that are all day long.

Wide leisure offer to disconnect

As has been said, free time is a time to disconnect and forget about the grueling routine. But this does not mean that there is free will during these moments. A structured environment It has important benefits for the little ones, even when they are enjoying this free time of loads.

A study of University of Colorado emphasizes that children participate in activities within a structured environment, present more initiative and more possibilities to achieve their goals. Free time should not only be used for fun, it can also be used to improve some of the best qualities in the smallest of the house.

In this way, there is a wide offer with results very positive for the little ones and that in addition to releasing them from stress, they will offer other benefits for them:

- Reading of books. What doubt is that reading is a skill with many benefits? Those who read expand their vocabulary and present fewer spelling mistakes.

- Stroll through the park. Much time is spent sitting in a chair, free time is a good time to move. The park presents many options to have a good time, from a simple walk to the practice of exercise such as playing with the ball.

- Excursions. The weekend arrives, why not an excursion? Either to the countryside to enjoy the outdoors and teach the importance of the environment or to the grandparents' home to encourage family ties.

- Museums. There are many types, from galleries full of paintings and other works of art to those that show us what outer space is like. And the best, in all of them there is a lesson to be learned.

- Afternoon with friends. Go out to play at the park, go to the movies to watch a new movie. The offer is wide, but the important thing is to enhance the child's social skills and not to do everything alone.

Damián Montero

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