Motivate children to have their own hobbies

The responsibilities are finished, the tasks have been completed, the hours of school completed and the extracurricular activities have been carried out. Enjoy free time! But what to do at this time? The hobbies and the hobbies have the answer. There is nothing better than finding what fascinates the child to enjoy, while learning more and more of what he is passionate about.

In fact, it is very important for children to have their own hobbies. Instead of turning your free time into dead hours looking at infinity or constantly checking the screen of your mobile phone waiting for a signal from your friends. To get children to find their hobbies, you only need to motivate them, and to this end the center of Codex Psychology gives several tips to parents.

How to motivate children to have their 'hobbies'?

If the children do not have hobbies or hobbies through which to demonstrate their tastes and develop in this sense, perhaps they just need some motivation. Here are some tips for this:

- Talk with the child about what he likes. Nothing better to motivate than in the first place to know what the children are passionate about. There are many tastes, they decide, and once they are known, they must be invited to develop them. That they do not feel ashamed, is part of their personality.

- Take advantage of dates indicated. Is the child passionate about history? Nothing better than taking advantage of special dates as a temporary exhibition of this theme to take it to this room and give free rein to your hobby. A first push to see how much fun it can be to enjoy your hobby.

- Be interested in these tastes. Perhaps the lack of motivation is born of the feeling of loneliness. Taking an interest in these tastes and sharing them will make the children see that they have companions through which they can enjoy what they like.

- Make him participate in different activities. There is a wide range of possibilities, it is possible that the child has not discovered what he really likes. For this reason, parents can involve their children in different activities to show these worlds. Theaters, cooking classes,

- Be interested in development. Motivation must not only be present when starting a hobby, you must also keep it after. Nothing better than asking children about these hobbies and what they are learning about them. Something that will also encourage dialogue between parents and children.

Benefits of having hobbies

Motivating children to have hobbies is very important because thanks to them, the children will get great benefits:

- It reduces stress. Staying between four walls without doing anything is something that would overwhelm anyone. Thanks to the hobbies this boredom is reduced and there is no place for stress.

- Discovery of unknown talents. Perhaps through a hobby, a child, for example, discovers a talent for music, something that will allow them to have fun while developing a skill and improving it. Who knows what can be discovered?

- Increase self-esteem. Feeling fulfilled and participating in what you like is something that raises the morale. The happiness they feel in these moments will lead the child to feel more secure in himself than if he stayed at home doing nothing.

- Improvement of concentration. By participating in an activity that they like, children will put their senses into this practice. Something that will also improve your ability to concentrate for the future.

Damián Montero

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