15 current and precious children's stories for your children

Children's stories are an important instrument to transmit values, and at the same time the first literary genre with which children can become fond of reading and literature. Their hook to capture the attention of children is that they are interesting and fun, they have adventures and suspense, and of course, a happy happy and with moral, which is what it takes now. Therefore, many classic stories with sad endings have been versioned to adapt to this new trend.

And is that there are two streams of opinion well differentiated with respect to what should be the current stories for children. On the one hand, there are opinions in favor of avoid violent or dramatic situations that may torment the child. And on the other hand there are those who maintain that it is good for children to know that life has the good side and the bad side, and that stories are the ideal instrument to receive this teaching because its drama is good for the emotional development of the child.

15 current and precious children's stories to read to your children

The moment of the story, whether at school or in the family, should be a very special moment for both the speaker and the listener, it is a time to share, it is a time to feel important and unique.

Several recent studies suggest that reading a story not only helps the child's brain development, increasing memory and relaxing the organism, but if it is routine to read a bedtime story, it reinforces the bond between parents and children . Here we leave you a selection of 15 current and precious stories for your children with which to learn, enjoy and have fun:

1. The witch Naia does not want to go to school. The story seeks to promote social skills such as respect, good behavior, obedience and friendship.

2. My side of the scarf. A metaphor about the value of true friendship.

3. The little sheep that came to dinner. Story full of values ​​such as friendship, generosity and acceptance of differences.

4. Pumpkin soup This story teaches us how difficult it is to change the organization of a house and the problems it can cause, and what people who love you can suffer when they think you are lost. It also shows how beautiful it is not to reproach one another for something that has already happened. But what prevails in Pumpkin Soup is friendship.

5. I love you almost always. A story for children and adults that invites us to understand what makes us different, showing the magical effect of the opposite poles.

6. This is my heart. A beautiful story that pays homage to the emotions and feelings of children, so that they can recognize them in all their forms and all their colors: joy, sadness, calm, anger, fear.

7. What color is a kiss? It is a sweet story, where a mother explains to her child that kisses can be many colors, oranges in the morning, full of vitamins and vitality, or green like music, or yellow: full of light and sun.

8. The cow that laid an egg. This story makes reference that envy not only makes those who feel it suffer, but also affects those around them, ...

9. Nadarin. A classic recovered full of chromatic richness to also address the overcoming of fears and the value of diversity.

10. A mountain of friends. A tender illustrated album that speaks of the unconditional dedication of friendship, solidarity and empathy with which a bad moment is happening. It also shows how an optimistic and creative attitude can with any challenge.

11. When Matías felt the urge to pee on the night of Reyes. He shows us in a funny way a mishap that many children have ever experienced: what to do if during the night of Christmas or that of Reyes you feel like peeing and you have no choice but to get out of bed?

12. The book of hugs. A fun story for the child to discover that there are a thousand ways to embrace.

13. I go with me. It's about love; When someone really wants, does not ask for changes to the other or try to cut the wings.

14. When I'm scared The world is a place that sometimes gives fear; especially when almost everyone around you is older than you and many experiences are completely new to you. Fear in childhood is normal. But if it begins to interfere with daily life, it becomes a problem for the child (and for the people who care for him). This book, When I'm scared, beautifully illustrated, offers simple and concrete advice to know how to behave in the face of childhood fears and worries. Children can learn to live full of confidence and free from fear.

15. When they mess with me. Children will learn nonviolent ways to assert themselves and protect themselves, and they will know when it is necessary to ask for help from elders. Children and educators together can eliminate the harassers from our schools and neighborhoods.

The advantages of children's stories: reading and telling

The main advantage of stories is that besides being read, they can be counted. If in addition the moment of telling the story is related to a special moment of the day, we can create a very special bond with the child who listens to them.

We can also turn the moment of telling stories into a participatory experience telling invented stories to our children. In this way, they can also intervene by contributing ideas and giving free rein to their imagination and creativity.

Another idea to tell stories is to personalize them, turning our own children into the protagonists. This idea is especially motivating for them and the story is much more attractive to them.

The intellectual development of children also grows thanks to stories. They help to think and reflect on the story and the characters, they develop the memory, they help to expand vocabulary and express emotions.

Benefits of children's stories

Through the stories, a pedagogical base is established in which the child obtains a series of benefits that are the following:

The child:
- Develop your imagination and your creativity.
- Develop moral values,
- Acquires security in new situations.
- Wake up your curiosity for different learnings.
- Help to overcome their fears and fears.
- Develops and enriches its compressive and expressive language.
- Learn to anticipate situations.
- Enrich and exercise your memory.
- Increase your intelligence.
- Help to develop your identity.
- Help develop your emotions.
- Fosters the love of reading.
- Learn to empathize with the other.
- Learn to solve sensitive and conflicting situations.
- Learn to listen to stories and make them reflective.
- Learn to listen carefully and be more patient.
- Learn values, since learning values ​​implies: making appropriate decisions, that do not produce any harm neither for himself nor for those around him. The values ​​are important to inculcate from small.
- Develops and expands your perception capabilities.
- It increases your sensitivity.

Guadalupe Domínguez. Pedagogical director of the Infant School Nemomarlin Retiro.

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