How to improve the child's concentration through play

There are many ways to learn, from the basic lessons that are given at home to school and without forgetting other fun ways of teaching such as game. There are many skills that can be enhanced through these activities, including concentration, which is so necessary to pay attention in class and be successful academically.

There are many options to enhance concentration at home. A good formula so that the whole family can have fun and participate in these activities They are very simple and can be done with objects as simple as a sketchbook or a music player.

Games to enhance the child's concentration

These are some proposals to improve concentration at home and in which the whole house can participate:

- Color Follow the lines and do not leave them, use the correct color. All this helps children put their senses in this task and learn to focus their attention on an activity.

- Learn a choreography. Choose a children's song and create a family choreography. Make sure that each of the steps of this dance is memorized by the child and that in each note you remember this dance,

- Puzzles and puzzles. These activities force the child to look at each of the elements of this challenge. In the case of the puzzles, in the pieces that compose it and in the forms to know how they fit.

- Letter soup. Identifying different words in a sea of ​​letters is a great challenge and in which they should be attentive to the formation of syllables to identify the terms they should locate.

- Labyrinths Hobbies are a good way to stay focused, in this case the labyrinths are a good way to work on it. Many roads are to be chosen, but only one reaches the goal, what will it be?

Improve children's motivation

In many occasions, it is not only about improving concentration, but also motivating the little ones to achieve great results. From the Undrstood Foundation The following tips are offered:

- Know the interests of the child. Nothing better to motivate than to know what most interest produces in the child to relate it to this teaching.

- Propose possible results. Do not try to motivate for an impossible goal from the first hour. It is best to make the child intend to obtain small objectives and later great results.

- Highlight the benefits of the results. A summer without studying, a small celebration for the results, to motivate nothing better than to highlight the rewards.

- Show what you can. Encouraging the little ones to leave their comfort zone so they can fight for great results is not a bad option.

Damián Montero

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