Signs in a stomach ache that you should not miss

The welfare of the youngest is a mission that every father tries to fulfill in his day to day. In attention to brief details will be the best possible prevention as this will identify possible health problems more serious than at first might seem. An example is the stomach ache It is often related to anxiety or gas, but it can be a more serious condition.

In fact, from the Harvard University Several symptoms are suggested that should never be overlooked for parents of children who complain of their stomach pain. This way you can detect serious problems before they get worse. Seeing some of these signals will require medical attention and an assessment of the belonging of one treatment or another.

Symptoms that deserve attention

From Harvard they emphasize the importance of these 10 symptoms at the time of to worry for the health of a child complaining of stomach pain:

1. The pain is severe. It is understood by severe pain that is extremely uncomfortable. The presence of this symptom justifies a trip to the doctor even if it disappears.

2. Blood in the stool. If in addition to the presence of blood in the stools, a stomach ache is registered it is possible to be before a serious infection, inflammatory bowel disease or other intestinal problem.

3. The child vomits blood. As with blood in the stool, this is not always a sign of something serious. After many vomiting, bleeding may result from irritation. But the presence of a stomach ache may be a sign of something more serious

4. There is green vomit. Green vomit can be a sign of a blockage in the intestine. The presence of this color should never be ignored.

5. The child has hives, looks pale, complains of dizziness or has swelling in the face. All these symptoms can mean an allergic crisis, you do not have to think twice, you have to ask for emergency medical help.

6. Stomach pain is in the lower right side of the belly. At first, the stomach pain of appendicitis is usually around the navel, but then it becomes what doctors call "the right lower quadrant."

7. The child has a fever and a strong cough. Pneumonia can sometimes cause stomach pain. Many viruses can cause these discomfort along with a cough, but if it is especially bad you have to worry.

8. The child says it hurts when you urinate. Sometimes, a stomachache can be a sign of a urinary tract infection.

9. The child has a high fever and falls asleep easily, loss of concentration. Stomach pains can be signs of serious infections, something that along with sleep can be a sign not only of infection, but of low blood pressure or blood loss.

10. The child is losing weight. It is not uncommon for a child to lose a little weight due to vomiting or diarrhea. The normal thing is to recover it once they improve. But if a child with stomach pains steadily lowers his size, the doctor should examine it carefully.

Damián Montero

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