Somniloquies, why do children talk in dreams?

The night is synonymous with tranquility, a moment in which to rest and where calm takes home. However, this does not mean that this situation can be altered in various ways. From nightmares, to bad digestion can make the sleep of the little ones get upset. Another curious situation is listening to the little ones talking in dreams.

This situation is known as Somniloquia, which can be of great concern to parents, as it is rare to hear children talking dreams. But far from what you can think, that a child speaks while sleeping is quite normal among children and should not disturb anyone because it is something innocuous.

Should it be treated?

Such explains the clinical psychologist Sergi Banús Llort in its website Psychodiagnosis translates into the emission of unintelligible words or set of them, sometimes children can even form short sentences. It is also common for this issue to be accompanied by laughter, shouting or crying. In the case of rest of the child is not affected, although it is true that can be a nuisance for roommates.

As it was said before, Somniloquia is common among children and around 50% of the population between 3 and 10 years speak in dreams at least once a year. There are also those who relate these situations to the presence of nightmares while the child sleeps, a situation in which it is appropriate to review the routines of the children before going to bed to check if there is something that causes this problem.

From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics also emphasize that these situations can originate during the states febrile of the smallest of the house. A response to these high temperatures during the night and that tend to yield at the same time as the rise in body heat.

AEP specifies that there is no treatment that ensures the complete disappearance of Somniloquia. Yes, it is recommended moments before going to bed to avoid exciting situations that can cause nightmares that lead to speech during the night.

Sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene helps prevent both Somnilochia and others disorders. These are some tips to ensure a good rest offered by the Hospital La Moraleja:

- Do not take exciting substances, especially during the afternoon and evening

- Light dinner and wait one or two hours to go to bed, do not go to sleep while digestion is done. In the case of children leaving with a feeling of hunger, a glass of warm milk can solve this appetite and promote relaxation.

- Perform physical exercise, but avoid doing it at the last minute of the day, since it would activate the organism.

- Avoid prolonged naps beyond 20-30 minutes.

- Maintain regular sleep schedules, going to bed and always getting up at the same time. Routines that should be maintained even on weekends.

- Do not perform tasks in bed that involve mental activity or that awaken the brain activity of children.

- Maintain an adequate environment that favors and helps maintain sleep.

Damián Montero

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