Mites: how to beat them in our bedroom

With the busy life that we lead, sometimes it gives us just enough time to ventilate the bedrooms and run to our offices and workplaces. But is this enough to eliminate bacteria and Mites around us?

If we take into account that a great part of the time of our life is spent sleeping, we should make sure that the environment where we rest is not only as pleasant as possible, but also the healthiest. For this, the most important thing is that it is free of mites to avoid allergies.

In addition, the bedroom is necessary to recover the energy to face a new day and for it the rest must be totally repairing. Therefore, it is important that the bedroom concept is directly related to aspects such as Cleanliness, silence, security and comfort.

This is one of the conclusions drawn from a sample of more than 500 Spaniards, who have participated in a study conducted by DuPont Sabanci SA, an international leader in the research and development of fibers and fillings for quilts, pillows, etc., in the main cities of Spain, Germany, France and England. It involved more than 2,000 women between the ages of 25 and 65, in order to know the differences between European women, in the perception of the factors that affect the quality of sleep.

The Spaniards value the cleaning of the bedroom more

The report reveals curious data as that the English, in comparison with the Spanish, German and French, do not devote so much time to the cleaning quilts and pillows, but prefer to replace them with new ones after a while. The Spaniards are the ones that most value the cleanliness and order in the bedroom, washing the quilt, every season, winter and summer, at least.

In Germany, the quilt is part of its history, while in Spain, it is an element that has recently entered the market, unlike France and England, which have already left the blanket, in favor of the quilt culture. However, the synthetic filling quilt is becoming more prominent in Spanish homes, thanks to the advantages it offers and that adapt perfectly to the new lifestyles: easy maintenance, great variety of fillings adaptable to each personal need, ease and speed to order and clean the bedroom, etc.

The Spaniards and the Germans are those that give greater importance to the maintenance of the pillow and its filling, to the facilities offered by the manufacturers to be able to wash the pillow at home. On the other hand, the French and English consider the good support of the head and cervical muscles more important.

The duvet in the bedroom

The Spaniards see the bedroom as a space of tranquility where they can relax and forget the problems of the exterior; it is only in Spain, where this social character is granted. In the rest of the countries, women consider that the bedroom is a space to isolate, rest and recover lost energy throughout the day.

However, all respondents agree that in the bedroom it is essential to feel comfortable and comfortable, which is why bedding acquires a leading role: it must convey feelings of comfort, warmth and pleasantness.

To avoid possible allergies, it is essential to keep the quilt free of mites, bacteria and fungi. Those that are made with hollow fibers, facilitate air circulation and reduce the appearance of moisture.

7 tips to win the battle to mites in our bedroom

1. Use preferably synthetic fiber fillers, with anti-mite treatment.

2. Ventilate bedding daily and the complements of the room, to diminish the humidity.

3. Reduce the environmental humidity.

4. Clean toys frequently and stuffed animals in the room.

5. Clean the house with damp rags, that grip the dust better.

6. Clean the floor frequently.

7. Wash bedding and pillowcases weekly, in 60º hot water.

Vicen Ramón

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