They relate the use of bicarbonate with a greater number of natural births

Natural birth is always preferable to the Caesarean section. This last intervention supposes an invasive process that entails some other risk for the mother. Although this practice is carried out in a controlled environment such as a hospital and by qualified personnel, there is a danger of causing infections or hemorrhaging in women. In addition, it can also influence future pregnancies.

Can the way be prevented? Caesarean section? From the University of Liverpool Data is offered that could mean yes. The study presented by this entity highlights that the use of bicarbonate during pregnancy could be related to a lower probability of having to intervene surgically to help the mother to give birth.

Reduction of acidity

The researchers started from the premise presented by others studies where it was assured that the acidity in the mother's womb could be related to cesarean delivery. In addition, this work also took into account other treatments based on the supply of oxytocin to increase the likelihood of natural birth. To this end, they brought together two groups of 100 mothers each.

A hundred mothers received a treatment based on baking soda and oxytocin, the other 100 only received the hormone. The objective was to verify what percentage of women, at the conclusion of their pregnancies, had presented a greater problem in childbirth. The results confirmed that the first group had presented 17% more natural births.

According to Wray, the lead author of this study, she pointed out that this result It is related to the reduction of acidity in the womb. A problem that sometimes ends up in the practice of emergency cesareans. In this way, thanks to the bicarbonate, mothers can find an effective treatment with which to be able to prevent these births and in this way avoid the risks involved.

Other tips to prevent a cesarean section

Another way to prevent caesarean section is to practice exercise during pregnancy. This is highlighted as indicated by the study carried out by Queen's Mary University, in London, which has established a relationship between these activities and a lower risk of these interventions. A physical activity adapted to the circumstances of the woman and that, of course, should be complemented by a good diet, which also helps to prevent gestational diabetes.

Exercise and balanced diet, these are the points proposed by those responsible for this study to pregnant women in order to to prevent possible problems during pregnancy. To demonstrate these benefits, the researchers reviewed another 36 works that included data on more than 12,500 women and their habits during the gestation process.

The results of this review indicated that women who had exercised during pregnancy presented a 10% less of possibilities of going through cesarean section. In the case of gestational diabetes, the chances of development by the future mother were reduced by 24%. Number that improved in those situations where women also took care of their food.

"According to the evidence found to date, a healthy diet and moderate physical activity in pregnancy reduce the risk of weight gain and that benefit is actually affordable for any pregnant woman, no matter what body weight she has," she explains. Shakila Thangaratinam, the main author of this study.

Damián Montero

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