Sing the baby to overcome postpartum depression

The postpartum depression It is a terrible situation that many mothers go through, preventing them from enjoying their motherhood. Of course, the help of professionals is essential in these cases. But can you do anything else from home? Can work be done to overcome this feeling in the day to day of the home? The answer is yes, as demonstrated by the Center for Performance Science study in England, which publishes British Journal of Psychiatry.

It has been shown how singing the baby has positive effects on the mother who is going through the postpartum depression. A way to reduce the acuteness of symptoms and to establish a bond between mother and child, making this difficult situation more bearable for many women after giving birth.

Feeling of well-being

The study took into account the situation of 134 mothers with symptoms of postpartum depression and divided them into 3 control groups that were proposed different activities during the 40 weeks after delivery. The first one underwent the usual treatment against this situation, the second one participated in games workshops to practice with his children and the third one attended music classes where they had to learn melodies to recite their children.

In the case of mothers with symptoms rated moderate to severe, they showed a great improvement in their well-being. Even more so than those women who participated in the therapies habitual against this situation. Some results that highlight how singing favors the sensation of tranquility in women and that the fact of doing it to your baby favors the development of a link towards it.

In addition, the researchers highlight how this therapy also settlement problems in many mothers who feel fear at the thought of having to take medication and have to breastfeed their child, since they think it could have some effect on them. In this way, a less invasive treatment ensures greater tranquility for the patient and more possibilities for improvement.

Treatment of postpartum depression

The results of this study do not exempt search of professional help to start an effective treatment. Singing the baby should be taken as a complementary activity to the therapy indicated by the relevant doctor. These are other equally recommendable practices:

- The couple, family and friends should provide all possible help with the needs of the baby and the home.

- Do not hide feelings. You should talk about them with your partner, family and friends.

- Assume that nobody is perfect and that there are impossible limitations to avoid. Today's mistakes are lessons for the future.

- Rest and comply with a recommended sleep schedule.

- Dedicate time. A small exit to clear up or a little whim serve to clear and lift the mood.

Damián Montero

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