Ideas to spend Father's Day with the family

March 19 is approaching, a very special day for families since it is about the day dedicated to the parents They work so hard to educate their children. A point in the calendar that is worth celebrating to remind these people how much they matter and that all the love they give has its rewards.

Having a good time becomes an obligation for this day as it is a very special occasion to strengthen ties between family members. For this purpose we propose a series of ideas with which you are sure to enjoy the Father's day between all, at the same time that you strengthen that bond that makes this day of the calendar so special.

Father's Day in family

There are many things that can be done on Father's Day or in previous days. They can be done individually or complement each other. The family chooses, but without forgetting the final goal of all of them: having fun.

- Family food.

Do you remember that restaurant that you have wanted to visit for so long? Is there any place that has attracted you? The perfect excuse is Father's Day, leave home, give yourself a good walk to open hunger and enjoy some delicious dishes.

- Small getaway.

Tired of the routine? Father's Day can be the perfect excuse to take a trip with which to disconnect. Many are the destinations for a weekend, from a rural house in which reconnect with nature to large cities full of leisure offerings.

- Day with the grandparents.

Grandparents are also parents, why not celebrate this day with them? Whether you live near or far, a visit to these homes and a day with them is not a bad idea. It is also an opportunity for the children themselves to know the stories of when their parents were like them.

- Prepare your favorite dish.

Do you prefer to save and not go out that day? No problem, put on your apron, light the fire and cook your favorite dish. A pleasant surprise for when I get home.

- Day of disconnection.

How much time are devoted to screens? Forgetting them on Father's Day can be a great idea, say until then to the mobile and focus attention on the family as much as possible and organize activities such as a visit to the park or a movie evening.

Father's Day, its origin

In the case of Spain, the origin of Father's Day is different from that of the United States. Proof of this is how in North America and part of the South of this continent it is celebrated in June, while in the case of the European country it is March 19, day of Saint Joseph, putative father of Jesus Christ and that in the Christian tradition is the parent model to follow.

San José was humble, hardworking and dedicated. Therefore, Professor Manuela Ferrero decided that March 19 would be a good date to congratulate parents for their role in the education of their children. Little by little the initiative of this teacher was extended so much that businesses bet for it and in this date of the calendar they encouraged their clients to thank the work of the parents with a good gift.

A curious story that resembles in some way the origin of Father's Day in the United States. On this occasion, it was a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd who wanted to pay homage to her father on her birthday because she thought that if mothers could have their date on the calendar, men who had children also deserved the same treatment.

Little by little this idea emerged in 1909 was gaining adherents and in 1924 President Calvin Coolidge decided to dedicate a day of the calendar to this holiday dedicated to parents. Later, in 1966, Lyndon Johnson decided to proclaim the third Sunday of each month of June as the day in which families thank this figure for their dedication throughout the year.

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