Violence in children, why does this behavior appear?

The development of a child is a slow and difficult process. As the years go by, the child acquires values ​​from different entities, especially the family. However, no matter how much care is taken in the home because this education is correct, there is no denying that undesirable behaviors will appear in the future. An example is the presence of attitudes violent.

Why a child becomes violent? How should parents react to these attitudes? Is there any sign that the child is changing and therefore prevent before it is too late? On this matter speaks the Understood Foundation and where he explains that this aggressiveness is a serious problem to deal with because it contains a bad control of anger.

Violence and aggression: poor control of emotions

From the Understood Foundation explain that aggressiveness and violence is the child's response to a situation that is not comfortable. Whether his parents have not allowed him to continue watching a movie or that a partner does not let him play with his ball. Faced with this frustration, the child explodes emotionally well by raising his voice or physically attacking him.

The little control over their emotions shown by the child should not be translated into a severe reprimand in the child. Many parents intend to assert their authority answering with greater violence. In these situations, the first thing to do is to calm the children because at this time it is impossible to try to dialogue with them to teach them a lesson.

Although the first rule to handle tantrums is ignore themWhen these become violent and aggressive, this attitude is not advisable as it can harm other people or cause damage to the house. If this behavior is appreciated, it is best to act, for example, by sitting him in a chair until he calms down.

The mission is for the child to understand that his behavior it has consequences and that the last authority at home is their parents. No matter how aggressive they are in these situations, they will not be able to succeed in this debate with the elderly. For their part, adults must be open to talk about the situation that gave rise to this behavior, but they are intransigent in the face of a conflict. In this way, the debate will be rewarded over the explosion of emotions.

How to avoid violence and aggression in children

Parents can work before these behaviors appear. These are some tips to be able to prevent violent attitudes in the More smalls:

- Praise the appropriate behavior. Empathic attitudes and respect for their peers should be applauded and parents should invite them to continue with these behaviors in the future.

- Educate in respect and nonviolence. From small the parents must show the peace and the concord like values ​​before the resolution of conflicts and to lead by example day after day.

- Teach limits. Many times the aggressiveness responds to a previous absence of limits in the smallest. Some parents are too permissive and therefore with the intention of removing items such as video game consoles or to prevent them from watching television, these problems appear.

Damián Montero

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