The most beautiful nurseries in Spain and Latin America

The nurseries or nursery schools represent the first educational level of the smallest of the house. Inside and outside its walls they initiate their first contact with the learning of knowledge, play and make new friendships. Modern architecture has today converted these nurseries into dream places for children, endowed with lots of light, color, open spaces, comfort and adaptation to the needs of children.

There are nurseries and nursery schools around the world that, in some cases, these centers are a real marvel in sight. A dream place that of course breaks with the stereotype of a boring place.

Both Spain and Latin America harbor some examples of beautiful nurseries that are all an architectural model and a pleasure for the eyes. Wonderful places that fulfill the dreams of all parents who want a place to take their children every day. From Alcorcón, in Spain, to Medellín, in Colombia, across the Atlantic, geography offers numerous offers of kindergartens worthy of admiration.

The most beautiful nurseries in Spain and Latin America

Nursery school Nanas (Alcorcón, Spain)

Public Center of Madrid, specialized in Infantile 1º, with service 0 - 3 years. A space to learn, play and dream among its walls that represent a genius at the architectural level and a beautiful place to spend this educational stage.

El Chaparral Nursery (Granada, Spain)

An Andalusian children's school that stands out for its color and its architecture. The entrance of light through its windows makes it possible to project a chromatic variety that awakens the imagination of the little ones.

Els Tres Tombs (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Children's center located in the Ciudad Condal that will make the little ones feel at home. A place with a homelike look that reassures when you see it and that inspires confidence in the children who come.

Nuno Nono (Valencia Spain)

The Levante city hosts this impressive children's center with a futuristic look and a proposal that invites children to develop their creativity. A space that will amaze the smallest both inside and outside its walls.

Pajarito La Aurora Children's Garden (Medellin Colombia)

Space defined by buildings with modern architecture and soft shapes, such as interior green spaces that bring a lot of life to the students of this children's center.

Infant School Cativos (Los Alcázares, Murcia, Spain)

Modern facilities with large windows that make children can enjoy hours of light on all four sides while playing and learning. A place as beautiful as full of life.

Guaba Tree (Quito, Ecuador)

This center is characterized by offering the little ones a green place full of nature. Of course, this space invites physical activity and children can move in a space full of activities to do.

Kindergarten El Pinal (Medellin Colombia)

Children's center characterized by its interior green spaces that ensure a play area and exercise for the little ones, as well as classes with windows that practically make the room where class is taught is an extension of the outside.

Kinder Green Hills (Rancho San Juan, Mexico)

Several modules with a modern architecture and full of colors allow younger students to start in this center. A place where you can continue once you have finished basic education.

Bureche Garden (Santa marta colombia)

Preschool section of the Bureche School, an opportunity for children to start in this center from their earliest ages and live in a space surrounded by nature.

Damián Montero

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