They propose an agreement between parents and children for responsible use of the smartphone

New technologies and responsible use, the new battle that many parents have with their children today. The purchase of a smartphone A minor is a key point and one that should take into account many aspects. There are many adults who fear that after this acquisition, the child or adolescent may develop an abusive use of this terminal.

It can not be denied that well used, a smartphone It is a very useful tool because it allows to maintain contact in multiple ways, besides being a source of information in real time. For this reason, from Digital Children, section of S2Grupo, information security company, an agreement is proposed between parents and children that must be assumed by the latter before proceeding to the purchase of these devices.

Assume responsibilities

From Hijos Digitales we offer a model of "contract"that minors must take before getting a smartphone." Parents should make it clear that all of these points are very important responsibilities and not a mere game, skipping one of these clauses has consequences that are also reflected in this list that is offered:

1. A phone is a big responsibility. The purchase of a smarhpone is a sign of trust on the part of the parents, the child must understand the responsibility that it assumes.

2. The mobile phone may be revised, not for gossip purposes, but to review its configuration and its security and vulnerability status, as well as the applications installed whenever the parents deem it necessary.

3. If it sounds, answer. A smartphone is a communication tool if parents want to talk to him, it is not by whim, it is by necessity and urgency.

4. Must not interfere with homework, sleep, or any other responsibility. Responsibilities must be prioritized before the ludic use of smartphones, there will be time to watch videos, play with an application or ask friends what they are when they are finished.

5. Take care of the phone. The smartphone is the responsibility of the child, must ensure both its external integrity (avoid falls and pay attention to where you place) and internal (be careful with what installs or what websites visit)

6. There will be parental filters. Although children are called "digital natives" they do not master everything necessary for smartphones, so it is up to parents to make sure that certain tools avoid major problems, as well as to make the configuration to track the terminal or erase their data in case loss.

7. Follow the rules of the school or institute. In class the teacher is attended, the smartphone is not used except in case of emergency. At recess, you have to interact with your classmates and not isolate yourself on the screen.

8. Do not use the phone to lie, fool around or cheat others. If you witness conversations that are harmful to others, do not participate in them and bring them to the attention of the relevant authority to end this harassment.

9. Privacy first. Do not say anything to strangers on these platforms, just as you do not reveal the address, phone number or any other intimate information to a stranger on the street, on the internet as well.

10. To comply with the legal age of access to social networks. If a platform indicates a minimum age, it feels, it is not possible.

11. Quietly in public places such as the cinema or while having an evening with other people.

12. Before any problem, doubt or harassment by someone through the Internet, we must tell the parents to put a solution as soon as possible.

13. Do not live for the phone. You have to think of the smartphone as a great tool and that it can be useful. Do not allow to abuse him and always use it with common sense.

14. It can be used in a playful way, but without abuse. Minors can use games, but always try to contribute something, make the most of this entertainment and always putting limits to it

15. There will be mistakes. The minor will fail, the telephone will be removed and the parents will invite him to reflect on the situation. It is not a punishment, it is a proposal to improve attitudes.

Damián Montero

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