Books to give to your partner for Valentine according to his personality

The February 14th, known by many as Valentine's Day. Valentine is the perfect date to show that special someone the feelings they have for it. A day in which having a detail with the couple is not bad, for example, a book can be a great option to give in order to enjoy the other person through these pages.

How to choose the best book for the couple? If your personality is taken care of, surely you will find the answer. For this reason, we propose a series of ideas to give on this date. Several titles that adapt to each type of person and with which you will succeed in this next Valentine's Day. If the other person is a lover of reading, of course these gifts are the answer.

Books to give to your partner for Valentine's Day

These are the books that we propose for Valentine's Day, a selection with which to guess when giving the couple. How is that person so special? Which book is the best for you? These are our suggestions by personality:

For romantics: The Tutor's Daughter

Emma Smallwood lives with her widowed father in a small boarding school for boys from Devonshire, in the southwest of England. After the departure of her last pupil, Emma decides to accompany her father to the house of a baron and his four children, located on the coast of Cornwall. But as soon as they settle down and start teaching the two youngest children, mysterious events begin to take place. Who plays the piano at night? And who sneaks into Emma's room, leaving him strange memories?

For lovers of history: Napoléon, One Life.

Work of Andrew Roberts in which he reconstructs the life of the popular character in the history of France and the world and in which he includes new crucial documents, repeated centuries later the boat trip of Napoleon to Saint Helena and inspected fifty-three war scenarios in those who fought Napoleon. A fantastic approach to this controversial man

For parents of teenage children: An original decision.

What does it take to start a family? The answer is clear: lots of love and patience. But it never hurts a guide like the one proposed by this author and with which to lose the fear that is the responsibility of building a home. A book that addresses questions ranging from what does it take to get married? Can anyone marry, or do certain conditions exist? Or, who cares if we marry?

For feminists: Sweet Home.

An accident leads to a change of roles within the Knapp marriage. This delicious novel written in 1924 masterfully tackles current issues such as conciliation, equality, family roles, education of children. An amazing publication with a lot of sense to day of ahoy, although it is about to turn a century.

For sports lovers: Without fear of flying. The movement of a body, the balance of a life.

Simone Biles discovers his story of personal sacrifice and all the way to overcome that has ended in a great goal: Olympic gold. A route to the 2016 Olympics that began and where the most amazing thing is not obtaining this medal at the Rio de Janeiro Games, but how it was achieved and who helped it.

For lovers of philosophy: What is the truth?

José Ramón Ayllón pours into this book his rich experience as a teacher
in Secondary School and the University of Navarra and proposes an approach to philosophy. Opening these pages will mean for the reader to enter that world full of questions.

Damián Montero

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