Reinvent the penalties for the sale of alcohol to minors in culture to prevent their consumption

Prevent the consumption of alcohol on the part of the adolescents supposes a common objective of all the society at present. For this, it is not only necessary to promote campaigns that indicate the danger of consumption of these drinks, but alternatives to these dangerous practices must also be proposed. An offer of leisure that occupies the time of young people.

The implementation of these alternatives is an investment by the public authorities, a waste that from the Foundation for Help Against Drug Addiction, FAD, propose to defray with the money collected by the sanctions imposed on the establishments that sell alcohol to minors.

Healthier leisure offer

During the days Mobilization Alcohol and Minors, organized by FAD, proposes a reconversion of the leisure offer. An example is to make the botellódromos, spaces offered for the consumption of alcohol by young people that are controlled by the authorities, to become places where adolescents can develop healthier activities.

Activities that can be covered by local sanctions that are caught selling alcohol to minors. In this sense, the public authorities are also asked to increase these fines. It also asks for a law to regulate the sale and consumption of these drinks of a state nature, agreed as far as possible by the administrations and civil society, resulting in the same regulation for all, with approved protocols of action.

In this regard, it is requested to carry out a more complete analysis of the needs of adolescent socialization, as well as the search for identity, the need to belong to a group and social integration. Allow young people to discover who they are through spaces where healthier alternatives are offered to alcohol consumption and where they can find friends with common tastes.


Other proposed measures

In the Days Mobilization Alcohol and Minors also proposed other measures in order to regulate the consumption of these drinks in adolescents and prevent these high-risk activities:

- Avoid the sponsorship of alcoholic beverages in events or activities aimed at minors.

- Increase the availability or access of minors to alternative leisure offers. Some proposals are a card of the minor with wide discounts or free of certain proposals or favoring their active and direct participation in the design of the proposals.

- Development of support policies for youth associations:

- Development of awareness-raising interventions and advertising campaigns in youth leisure spaces: concerts, sports, local festivals, cinemas, etc.

Damián Montero

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