Valentine's day, how to show love day after day

The 14th of February is the day in which the lovers show themselves how much they love each other. Valentine's Day It is a perfect date to remember together with the couple how much their love is appreciated and what is enjoyed by their side. However, even if this calendar day is so special, it should not be forgotten the rest of the year to show this affection through small actions.

Each day of the year can be a Valentine's Day particular and allow love to be the predominant note in the home. Small gestures in each day are enough to demonstrate these feelings, do not wait until February 14 or make great gifts so that the other person knows how special it is.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day every day

The small tests of love You should not wait for Valentine's Day, day to day can be a perfect time to start with them:

- A walk of the hand. For many days that pass from the beginning of the relationship, it never hurts a walk holding hands to remember those first days of the couple in which this link began and has reached the present.

- A day of cinema. Sharing hobbies is fundamental for the functioning of the couple, and one of the most enjoyed is the cinema. Choose a movie and enjoy this audiovisual experience with a good cone of popcorn.

- Write a letter. Although a house is shared, the surprise generated by a love letter dedicated to that special person awakens a multitude of feelings and makes it feel very special. A small reminder of everything he feels for her.

- Remember the photos of the whole relationship. How much has the couple changed? Discover it by reviewing the photos of all this time. From those of the first trip together to the day in the park with the children born of this union.

- Cooking together something special. IInternet puts at your disposal numerous recipes of different cultures. Put on your apron and enjoy this experience together and then savor it in the best company.

Lasting love

With the arrival of Valentine's Day it is good to remember the keys to a lasting love. A theme that Pope Francis addresses in the book Amoris laetitia. These are some pointers advice so that this feeling does not go away:

1. Patience. "To have patience is not to let them mistreat us continuously, or to tolerate physical aggressions, or to allow them to treat us as objects." The problem is when we demand that relationships be heavenly or that people be perfect, or when we place ourselves in the center and wait that only our own will is fulfilled, then everything makes us impatient, everything leads us to react with aggression ".

2. Service attitude. "Patience named in the first place is not a totally passive posture, but is accompanied by an activity, by a dynamic and creative reaction to others, indicates that love benefits and promotes others, which is why it is translated as helpful" .

3. Healing the envy. "True love values ​​the achievements of others, does not feel them as a threat, and is freed from the bitter taste of envy, and accepts that each one has different gifts and different paths in life."

4. Without flaunting or enlarging. "Who loves, not only avoids talking too much about himself, but also because he is focused on others, he knows how to position himself in his place without pretending to be the center".

5. Detachment "We must avoid giving priority to self-love as if it were more noble than giving oneself to others."

6. Without internal violence. That is, without "an internal reaction of indignation provoked by something external, it is an internal violence, a non-manifest irritation that puts us on the defensive before others, as if they were annoying enemies to be avoided." Feeding that aggressiveness Intimacy is useless, it only makes us sick and isolates us, indignation is healthy when it leads us to react to a grave injustice, but it is harmful when it tends to impregnate all our attitudes towards others ".

7. Sorry. "If we allow a bad feeling to penetrate our insides, we leave room for that grudge that grows old in the heart (...) The trend tends to be to look for more and more guilt, to imagine more and more evil, that of suppose all kinds of bad intentions, and thus the grudge grows and takes root.Thus, any mistake or fall of the spouse can damage the loving bond and the family stability.The problem is that sometimes it is given to all the same seriousness, with the risk of becoming cruel before any error of others.The just vindication of one's own rights becomes a persistent and constant thirst for revenge rather than a healthy defense of one's own dignity. "

8. Excuse everything. "Spouses who love each other and belong belong to each other, speak well of each other, try to show the good side of the spouse beyond their weaknesses and mistakes, in any case, they keep silent so as not to damage their image".

9. Trust. "Trust makes possible a relationship of freedom.It is not necessary to control the other, to follow his steps carefully, to prevent him from escaping from our arms. "

10. Wait. "He always hopes that a maturation will be possible, a surprising outbreak of beauty, that the most hidden potentialities of his being will germinate some day, it does not mean that everything will change in this life, it implies accepting that some things do not happen as one wishes, but that perhaps God writes right with the crooked lines of a person and gets some good from the evils that she can not overcome on this earth ".

Damián Montero

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