A single cigarette a day increases the risk of heart attack by up to 120%

Nobody is surprised to be told that the tobacco harms health. Several studies have confirmed the harmful effects of this article in the body and warn of the consequences of its use. A battle that has young people as protagonists of the same as the presence of cigarettes in adolescents is the alteration of their development.

In fact, only one cigarette a day is enough to suffer the consequences of tobacco. This is highlighted by a study British Medical Journal where it warns of the consequences of sporadic tobacco consumption and reminds occasional smokers that the cardiovascular risk of these practices is quite high.

Zero consumption

The team of researchers led by Allan Hackshaw University College London wanted to deny that the minimum consumption of tobacco has no consequences. Some people think, wrongly, that a cigarette or two on weekends have no effect on health. In this way, many young people only consume this product during their nocturnal outings these days.

To do this, they reviewed a total of 141 studies conducted between 1946 Y 2015. The intention was to compare the deaths produced by cardiovascular accidents with the amount of tobacco consumed by the participants in these jobs. This would establish a relationship between smoked cigarettes and the possibility of suffering a heart attack or other heart problem such as stroke.

After removing other risk factor's, such as a high-fat diet, the researchers determined that smoking just one cigarette a day increased the chances of suffering a cardiovascular accident by up to 74% in the case of men and 119% in women. Dr. Hackshaw points out that these results show how quickly the chemicals in these products alter the circulatory system.

Prevent tobacco use

As indicated by Dr. Hackshaw's team, the best figure for tobacco consumption is 0 cigarettes per day. A figure that must be ensured, especially in the youngest. For that, nothing better than to prevent and make sure that teens do not access it:

- Lead by example. Parents are the mirror of their children, if they see from a young age that tobacco is something their parents use, they will be curious about it. The arrival of a baby is a perfect occasion to stop smoking.

- Betting on healthy alternatives. From a young age, parents should favor the practice of healthier alternatives for their children: walks in the park, sports and other plans to encourage this aspect from an early age and try to maintain it when they grow up.

- From a very young age, parents must make their children understand the consequences of tobacco use. Several series, video games or free can present cigarettes as something fun. Eliminating that conception corresponds to the parents.

- Hardening punishments to premises that facilitate the sale of tobacco to minors.

Damián Montero

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