The sacrifice of studying at night: lower daytime performance

The life of the student It involves facing a topic to be learned and then demonstrating this knowledge in front of an exam. A job for which each person has their own techniques. Schemes, pass notes to clean, read aloud, face simulation tests. Some people even prefer to take advantage of the night for these matters.

It's profitable study at night? Or does it have consequences to face the agendas when you should be in bed? The answer is yes, and this is shown by a study of University of California at Los Angeles. A work in which it is emphasized that dedicating this time to pre-exam training, becomes a greater feeling of fatigue the next day.

Alteration of schedules

Studying at night means changing the rhythm to which the body is accustomed. To reach this conclusion, a group of students from different courses was followed closely during 14 days. After analyzing their study habits it was demonstrated that those who faced their agendas during the day or afternoon presented better results in their exams.

This is explained by several reasons. The first is that studying at night supposes an overexertion that translates into the day with a greater fatigue. Going to class in this state is not used in the same way, so the lessons taught by teachers are not captured effectively.

In addition, as explained by the specialists, even when in some educational stages such as the university classes are cut, the organism adapts to be active at night and to rest at night. A custom that extends even until the day of the exam during which the students feel too tired so the probability of suspense increases.

Even when the students insured their sleep hours during the day, as it was said the alteration of the resting hours ended up feeling fatigue the day of your exams. For this reason it is recommended not to alter the schedules during the exam period to get in top form to these tests.

Tips for exams

Avoiding overexertion during the night is not the only advice offered to students to succeed in exams. From the Portal of the Youth of the Basque Country the following points are recommended:

- The exam is studied from the first day, day after day should keep the pace and not postpone everything for the exam period.

- To plan. You have to have good planning and stick to it, in this case organize a schedule and take it to the letter will ensure that both study and leisure can be combined.

- Take care of food. The time of exams requires many sacrifices, physical and mental. To face this challenge nothing better than to eat well and not skip any food to scratch a few more hours of study.

- The place of study. No distractions, smartphones, computers or video consoles should be alien to the student in their usual area of ​​work. Good lighting and ventilation should also be present.

Damián Montero

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