The less effective influenza vaccine to fight the virus than other years

The vaccine It is one of the best methods to prevent diseases. Among the most famous is the flu, which every year starts a campaign to remind parents of the need for their children to receive this dose. However, several specialists this year indicate that these injectables are not as effective as in other courses.

Specifically, the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) is one of the entities that warn of the low efficiency that it is having in this campaign of vaccination the injectable that aims to prevent the flu virus. Although this organism explains that it is not necessary to stop resorting to these doses since even at present a character of defense in them has been detected.

The most infectious strains

SEMERGEN points out that the majority of influenza infections are due to strain B, specifically 72%. However, this informative note warns that not all types of this virus variants are unparalleled. In particular, a 80% of this category are related to the "Yamata lineage". Specifically, this type is not included in the trivalent vaccine that has been supplied in Spain, although it is present in the quadrivalent.

Similarly, SEMERGEN also stands out as in cases of infections caused by strain A, this category of the virus has smaller mutations and difficult to control, so the risk of infection becomes greater. This organism emphasizes that the situation is not current and that during the last 4 years it has been seen how the vaccine has lost effectiveness.

A warning that others have already made. Already in 2011, the University of Minnesota He warned of the ineffectiveness of mass vaccinations. However, SEMERGEN recommends parents keep vaccinations in their children to prevent health problems, as in this case the flu virus. This organism emphasizes that although the strains that are included in the strains are not the same that can trigger the infection, the benefit of supplying them can not be denied.

"Even in these seasons where there is a protection below ideal, as the provisional data on the effectiveness of the vaccine seems to indicate this year, it is still advisable to get vaccinated, "according to SEMERGEN, a warning addressed especially to risk sectors such as pregnant women, people over 65 or people with chronic diseases.

Benefits of vaccines

As indicated by SEMERGEN, even in campaigns where the effectiveness of vaccines is demonstrated below normal, these injectables have large Benefits. These are some of those highlighted by the Ministry of Health:

- Help control diseases. Even in years where they are not proven to be effective, vaccines are proven to be a reliable method of controlling diseases.

- Solidarity act. Vaccination means avoiding the spread of a disease while the person avoids contracting it.

- Help the economy. Getting vaccinated and preventing illnesses saves money on medicines and antibiotics in the home.

Damián Montero

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