The benefits of the green space in the development of children

The green areas They are beneficial for many reasons. Thanks to them, the air quality improves and a place where to have a good time as a family is offered. Parks, urban forests and even orchards installed in cities are a great help for all people. Even for the youngest of the house and its development, starting because thanks to them the effects of pollution are reduced and ending because they offer a place to leave sedentary lifestyle.

In case there are doubts about this, a study published in the magazine American Journal of Preventive Medicine has once again demonstrated the benefits that a green space for the development of the child. A happier childhood and a better quality of life are two of the results that have determined this group of Australian researchers after analyzing 4,968 children between 4 and 5 years.

Greater well-being

This study analyzed all these cases longitudinally from 2004 to 2012 in order to determine the influence of the environment on their development. The results showed that participants who live in neighborhoods with between 0 and 5% of green space, already had a more favorable quality of life

To a greater percentage of green spaces in the proximities from their homes, children showed better results. How should the spaces surrounding the neighborhoods where the children live be? The researchers said that the optimal amount should be between 20 and 41% for the little ones to take advantage of its benefits.

Thanks to these green spaces, the minors demonstrated a better state of shape thanks to breathing a better quality of air. In addition, the presence of these zones favored that in the free days families could go for a walk by them, favoring physical activity over sedentary lifestyle. In this way, the children who grew up in these neighborhoods presented lower levels of obesity and overweight.

Improvement of the memory

This study is not the first one that focuses on the benefits of green spaces in the developing of the kids. From the American Academy of Pediatrics it is indicated the benefits that a green playground has for the youngest of the house in which to enjoy the time of recreation on the part of the students. Gardens, small gardens and outdoor activities are some of the suggestions that are made to schools so they can improve the day to day in the school that children attend.

This report based on the data provided by different schools. This information dealt with the type of school playground and the state of students: cardiac health, level of stress, obesity, presence or not of deficiencies in the attention.

Those school yards that had elements such as green spaces with vegetation, orchards or that bet on classes at fresh air They had children with a lower level of stress than the average. At the same time, these centers had a reduced level of obese children and a higher level of attention by the students who attended these centers.

The researchers point out that, for example, the fact of seeing a green space is in itself a less stressful element than seeing long cement sports courts. "Many children lack quality school areas, and in many neighborhoods, the standard space where they play is a sterile asphalt park or a piece of concrete fenced with a metal fence, a completely unsuitable environment for children to play," explains the doctor. Stephen Pont, one of the authors of this study.

Damián Montero

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