Choose a nanny, how to search and select a good caregiver

Finding a suitable caregiver for our children is not an easy task. In fact, choosing a nanny can become a stressful task for most mothers. Search and select a good professional It goes through a process in which you have to be very demanding.

If your work schedule is not compatible with your child's care, or you need extra help at home, finding the ideal babysitter to care for your child is essential. We give you the keys to hire a good professional.

The main thing is to find a nanny that inspires you with total confidence. Incorporating an unknown person into the family to take care of your baby should be done with all the guarantees.

Where to find a good babysitter

Spend enough time to find the ideal nanny. You must make sure that the person who will enter your home is a trusted and qualified kangaroo. Above all do not rush.

To find a babysitter, ask the people around you first. Also, do not discard visiting the nurseries in your area in case you know any professional who has worked there and who is now looking for a job.

Another option is to place an ad on the Internet. There are different platforms to find nannies. We have called the attention Sitcanguage, because it has a geolocalized search engine, which will show you the kangaroos available in your same area or neighborhood. You can see their profiles and only contact those that have references.

How to find the ideal nanny

When you have several candidates, the next step to choose a nanny is to conduct interviews. Make sure your child is present at the meetings to see how each of the kangaroos interacts. A good babysitter will know how to behave naturally when she meets the child.

To have more confidence, when choosing the right professional, keep in mind several requirements. The ideal nanny has experience and references from previous families or children centers in which you have previously worked.

Always check references before hiring a caregiver. Call your previous employers and confirm that you have been discharged asking for your work life document.

To choose the right nanny always set a trial period

It is convenient establish a trial period when hiring a nanny.

During the first days of work of the caregiver, try to be at home. In this way, it will be easier to adapt the baby or the child that you leave in your care. Even if you are present, it must be her who assumes the tasks progressively. You can start by giving her a bottle, changing her diaper or going to the park with you and the little one.

As the child becomes more confident in the nanny, try to leave them alone longer. After a couple of weeks of adaptation, see how your child reacts with the caregiver. It is normal for me to cry the first few days. However, if after several weeks, the child becomes nervous or cries inconsolably, it is worth evaluating the situation.

If, on the other hand, the child is happy when you leave home and when you arrive you see him or her calm, it will mean that you have chosen the right nanny.

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