These were the foods most bought by Spanish households

Taking care of what you eat is a fundamental aspect for the whole family. Knowing what is put on the table and adding to the recipe a dose of exercise can mean the difference between suffering health problems derived from being overweight or achieving a good state of shape, avoiding the negative consequences of having a bad diet. But are Spanish households aware of this?

What are the foods they buy and take home to prepare their menus? The report that is prepared annually by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food It shows that yes and that fruits are the most demanded product by Spanish households, article that vegetables follow.

Increase in household spending

In total in Spain was spent 67,095.5 million of euros in food, that is, 0.1% more than the previous year. As for the type of products purchased, fresh items account for 44.1% of the household budget. Among this shopping list, fruit is the one that appears as the most demanded by Spanish families since 99.54 kg were distributed. per person.

Regarding the type of fruit, the oranges supposed a 19,7% of sales, bananas 12.2% and apples 10.9%. The second place of the most demanded products by Spanish households also gives a healthy account of this since they occupy the vegetables, by distributing a total of 82.61% in total. The most popular, the potato with 27.3%.

It also highlights how a basic product in any diet, and fundamental in the breakfast, as it is the milk occupies the third position of the most demanded articles ranking. In Spain, an average of 72.86 liters per person and the semi-skimmed was the most chosen option in this section. However, there is a decrease of 0.6% in sales.

Another of the basic items in each diet such as meat occupies the fifth place in this ranking of products most demanded by Spaniards, having distributed an average of 50.13 kg. per person. Chicken is the star in these purchases, accounting for 37.4% of them, followed by pork, 28.8% and bovine 15.1%.

More pastries on the table

On the other hand, the study also includes the rise of industrial bakery within the shopping list. Although these articles are still far from the first place, occupied by fruit, in this last year there has been an appreciation of 0.6% growth in this section. On average, each Spanish consumed 6.15 kg. of these products according to the data offered by the Ministry of Agriculture.

It should also be noted that the refreshments they position themselves as a product in great demand by the Spanish. Although there has been a decrease of 2.2% in their purchases, in this country 40.21 liters are still consumed by people of this type of drinks.

Finally, it should be noted that although fresh products account for almost half of Spanish purchases, there has been an increase in ready meals. The sales of these items has grown by 4.2%. Thus, in this country each person consumed a total of 13.70 kg. of this article, a fact that although it seems low, represents an increase of 5.9% compared to the previous year.

Shows how prepared dishes have gained ground to others is to see how the consumption of fish in Spain has fallen 3,1%, resulting in a consumption of 25.49 kg. per person. The purchase of these fresh items also experienced a fall of 2.5%, although it should be noted that the frozen products in this category fell even more, by 4.5%.

Damián Montero

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