Addiction to video games, how to prevent it

The video game They have become a new form of leisure that is present in many homes. There are many types and for all tastes, and may even have benefits if used correctly. However, in many cases the use of these items ends up generating a dependency on young people that changes their day to day.

In fact, from this 2018 WHO will consider that addiction to video game It is a mental illness. However, like any problem, it can be prevented and prevent new generations from developing this dependence on this form of electronic entertainment. This will prevent the negative consequences of this abuse, such as the almost exclusive dedication to these activities.

Why this dependency is generated

The first point to deal with addiction to video games is to understand why it occurs. From the Center of Psychology Bilbao It is explained that this dependence begins as a way of investing free time on the part of young people who little by little are more present in their lives until they are able to find another form of entertainment.

On the one hand, addiction to video games can be related to a dependent personality since there are individuals who show more ease when developing an addiction. On the other hand, it can also respond to the feeling of distance from family members or friends. Not feeling this company, the young man finds the answer in these virtual worlds.

In the case of loneliness, the psychologists of this center emphasize that the bullying and the absence of friends in young people can become a determining factor. The time that should be invested in staying with this group, ends dedicated to video games where these virtual worlds are a way to escape and even the possibility of making virtual friendships.

The satisfaction that is found in videogames, ends up causing this dependence in children. An addiction that can lead to a disturbance of the day to day of the young people and to make that for example their school rhythm is altered and even their interpersonal relationships with their own relatives and ending up by making the child not know how to handle themselves in social environments.

Prevent addiction to video games

As we have seen, the absence of company is one of the factors that can lead to addiction to video games. First, parents must ensure that their children have good relationships within the school and try to have their children participate, from an early age, in activities such as birthday parties to which they are invited.

Another good idea is to propose healthier alternativesOne example is that when the weekend comes, the family will not stay at home and go for a walk or visit a museum. Do not let the video game become the most common form of entertainment for children. A good key is to find interest from games that are of the child's liking.

For example, if you like soccer video games, take advantage of the weekend to go with the children to the park and play this sport in the company of the family. It is also advisable to impose schedules to the smallest of the house in order to distribute this form of leisure and prevent it from becoming the only activity that the young person performs throughout the day.

Damián Montero

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