New technologies have increased students who cheat

Smartphones, computers, smart watches. All these devices have changed our lives. The Internet opens up a world of possibilities for people. And on the other hand, it has also brought negative consequences such as the number of students who do traps it has increased. Workplaces, copies during examinations and other techniques have increased as a result of the expansion of these devices.

This is the conclusion that is shown in the study carried out by Donald McCabe for the International Center for Academic Integrity. The last 12 years have meant an increase in students who have been caught cheating and in most of them, new technologies have had something to do with this discovery by teachers.

Plagiarism and copies

In order to reach this conclusion, McCabe compared the data of already graduated students with those of students that they were still pursuing their careers. While in the first group, the number of individuals who had copied in their exams was 17%, in the case of the most influenced by new technologies was 39%.

As for the students who plagiarized their university jobsIn the case of graduates, this percentage was 40%. On the other hand, in the case of students who were still pursuing their careers, this was 62%. The researchers point out that nowadays the internet puts at our disposal websites where works from previous courses are exposed, an opportunity that many take advantage of to copy them.

Finally, this study also reflects that at present the number of students who have ever made a trap in their studies is 68%. Percentage that stays at 43% in the case of students already graduates. A sample of how new technologies have favored the proliferation of less honorable students in the classroom.

Smartwatches and exams

Among the technologies that favor copying during exams smartwatches appear as one of the best allies of less honorable students. This is explained by several teachers who highlight how these technologies allow files to be saved with the necessary answers during exams and camouflaged as a complement.

These watches allow that, in case of any suspicion, a reset button can be pressed, making any window open disappear and teachers can not discover the trick in the students. In addition, smartwatches they can also be used as a loudspeaker that receives the instructions of another person who, from a distance, gives the answers to the student.

On the other hand, the existence of webs that help to invoice the classic "chop" by reducing the letter and ensuring legible characters for the student. In this way you can adapt any type of text to different formats to benefit during the exams and be able to carry the answers in a medium such as a bottle of water, pretending to be a label of it.

Damián Montero

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