Harvard's healthiest dish to improve nutrition

We are what we eat. Nobody escapes that what is put on the table ends up affecting one way or another to our body, so ensure the quality of the family menu It is essential. An issue in which even the Harvard University He has taken the decision to recommend to the families a series of tips with which to improve the quality of their diet.

"The Plate for Healthy Eating" is the initiative of the Harvard School of Public Health and the editors of Harvard Health Publications to improve the diet of families. A guide with advice on how the meals should be and what the dishes should make up, as well as the frequency in which they should eat.

What should not be missing from your plate, according to Harvard

Harvard identifies a group of foods that should not be missed in the diet of any home. On the one hand, it highlights the importance of using healthy oils, such as olive oil, to season salads and cook. The use of butters and trans fats for the preparation of dishes is discouraged since in the long run the arteries are clogged and the bad cholesterol is increased.

Vegetables, fruits and vegetables should be a regular guest on the menu of the people and the way of preparation should be taken into account. An example is the use of the potato as a companion to the main dish, if you opt for this tuber, always better cooked or baked what fries A recommendation that extends to other foods, always better grilled or boiled than passed through the fryer.

Including fish in children's diet improves their quality of sleep should be forgotten in meals and should be present either in the form of bread or rice. The integral products are the most recommended in this sense. The refined grains should be removed from the usual diet, this way a dose of fiber in the diet will be included that will favor the intestinal flora and will make the digestions lighter.

Harvard recommends these quantities of the dishes

In the same way, Harvard recommends the presence of these foods in the
following quantities:

- Vegetables and fruits, half dish. Remember to vary the type of vegetables and that green is the most common. Potatoes do not count as vegetables, much less if they are fried.

- Integral grain, a quarter of the dish. These products have a more moderate effect on blood sugar and insulin than white bread, white rice, and other refined grains.

- Proteins, a quarter of the dish. Proteins are present in fish and meat, but do not forget those that come from pulses. If you opt for meat, you must limit those more fat or fried.

- Water, always present. Water should be the most present drink in the diet. Sugary sodas should be limited to the maximum and in the morning if it is advisable to include a natural juice, avoiding packaged juices.

- Exercise. Although it is not a plate of food, it must be done frequently. A dish that often forgets to present on the table and that is essential as any other in a regular diet.

Damián Montero

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