To better rest, greater control of the sugar consumed

Food and break they are two of the issues that every person must take care of. On the one hand monitor what is eaten and ensure, among many other things not to exceed the consumption of sugar. On the other, to rest the hours recommended by specialists and do it in the best possible way. And although they may seem like two separate practices, the truth is that they are related.

Not only because food can ensure a good break while a light dinner allows you to reconcile before sleep. But because those people who best recharge their batteries during the night show a better ability to control the sugar they consume in their day to day. This is indicated by a new study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Prevention of diabetes

Everyone knows the benefit of rest, but to this list we must add the control of sugar. A discovery that has been detected in this study that counted with the participation of 42 individuals that were divided into two groups. The first of them received sessions where techniques were explained to sleep better and they were told that they should increase the amount of sleep in an hour and a half each night.

The second group did not receive any recommendation on how to rest better, nor were they asked to sleep hour and half. On the other hand, all of them had to record their sleep patterns and carry a movement sensor on their wrists to measure the quality of rest and detect the times they slept soundly. At the same time, participants had to perform tests to analyze the assimilation of sugar in their body.

The results indicated that the group that improved their rest reduced their sugar consumption up to 10 grams. A result that helped to reduce the risk of suffering diseases such as diabetes considerably. The researchers indicated that a minimum of 7 hours a day is enough to obtain good results in this regard.

How to sleep better

Between the tips that were contributed by the specialists to the first of the groups highlighted the following:

- Reduction of caffeine, not only in the form of coffee, but that which is present in some soft drinks.

- Beware of dinners, do not go to bed too full or hungry.

- Take into account the schedules. The specialists indicated that some hours are better than others for sleeping. Better not to postpone the time to go to sleep too, even in those days where you do not have to get up early.

- Do not face exciting contents before going to bed. A talk is always better than a movie or series.

- Practice exercise, this way you will make sure you arrive at the end of the day tired and wanting to sleep.

Damián Montero

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