Conflicts with the political family, how to end them?

Falling in love supposes a change of life of the people, not only because from this moment on, it is the responsibility of taking care of the partner and support it in difficult times. It also means expanding the concept of family and assuming that from now on there are new "in-laws" such as in-laws or brothers-in-law. And as in all coexistence, conflicts are inevitable.

There are times when fights between family members can affect the health of the partner. For this reason, we must know how to manage this relationship well to avoid this result and further strengthen the link with these new relatives. While there are no blood ties linking them, there is an emotional bond that needs to be taken care of, especially when it is tense.

Assume that they are also family

Sometimes you forget that the concept of family can be broader than you think. A father-in-law or a brother-in-law are also relatives, although there blood ties that we join them. You have to think that the other part of the couple has a strong bond with them after so many years at their side and they will not want to give up. We must accept this situation and not see the visits to these people as a theft of time.

Some people take visits to their political family as a obligation and an activity that they do not like. Attitude that the other party assumes as an attack against their own, generating a conflict. The spouses must assume these activities normally and never pretend that the couple renounces them.

On the other hand, the members of the couple must also assume that they can not always be with theirs. Everyone loves a visit to their closest relatives and this time may seem insufficient. As indicated from the Lopez de Fez Psychology Center, the complaints of this matter end in discussions within the couple.

Advice, but not intrusion

This Psychology Center also highlights how the arrival of a son It can be an important point of conflict with the political family. Grandparents or uncles who have already been parents often give their advice about it and sometimes end up meddling in the upbringing of their grandchildren and nephews. For this reason, we must know how to set limits from the start.

Each member of the couple must remember that they are the parents and that it is they who will take care of the child's upbringing. While it is not too much to ask conflicts, keep in mind that interference should not be allowed. The couple is the one who must reach an agreement on how to educate and maintain the child and never impose the model they have received since childhood.

The closest relatives will also have to understand this matter and not get angry if you do not pay attention to them. It is necessary to assimilate that in this case the members of the couple are the ones who must assume this responsibility and that they are the ones who are in charge of the mission of raising their children. Being willing to give advice is one thing, meddling and saying point by point what should be done is another.

Damián Montero

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