Ideas for family holidays in Fitur

FITUR 2018 International Tourism Fair Madrid is, once again, one of the main events for the tourism industry worldwide and the leading fair for the Ibero-American area. Fitur 2018 is the world's leading tourism event for 5 days, in which the best professionals related to the sector will meet.

In this international tourism fair in Madrid you can find represented all sectors, companies and professionals related to the tourism sector, being for all of them an event of almost inexcusable assistance, both for the novelties that can be found in it and for the contacts that can be established and achieved.

Speaking of Fitur 2018 is talking about the meeting of tourism professionals to define lines of work, strategies and business partnerships in order to boost and strengthen tourism, innovating to meet all changes and market demands.

Promotional institutions, operating companies, hotels, travel agencies, consultancies and experts in general management and international tourism developments, have their meeting point in Madrid, in FITUR.

News in Fitur 2018 for our families

ANDALUSIA. Its president Susana Díaz did not want to miss Fitur 2018 and the stand of Andalusia had its full support. Andalusia shone with a singular representation of the offer of Sun and Beach, Cultural, Nature, Golf, Snow and Gastronomy.

Do not miss family, visit to Aquarium of Seville, your pet Chelo, a turtle Caretta caretta who was making friends through the Andalusian pavilion, invited us to go. And do you know what he told us? What will accompany us in a guided tour consists in the realization of a didactic tour through the Guadalquivir river, the jungle and the ocean, where all the biodiversity of species that houses the Aquarium of Seville is shown. So you can all get to know closely all the secrets of the most fascinating animals of the sea.

GALICIA. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Galician politician and president of the Junta de Galicia since 2009 was one of the first to arrive. The Galician aims of this year in Fitur go, it is assured, for the enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage.

ASTURIAS. A natural paradise that has many places to discover as a family and an excellent gastronomy. The Principality of Asturias has turned to Fitur 2018 in "the return to paradise" and the central role will be for the three centenaries of Covadonga that are celebrated in 2018: the XIII centenary of the origins of the Kingdom of Asturias, a century of creation of the Covadonga Mountain National Park, currently Picos de Europa, and the first centenary of the canonical coronation of Santina.

ESTREMADURA. It never leaves us indifferent. In this new edition of Fitur 2018, Extremadura will exhibit its offer as a destination that respects the environment and heritage.

Nearby we find a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family to the spectacular world of dinosaurs. We discover Dinopetrea, an itinerant macrospace where Science joins with entertainment so that everyone, small and large, enjoy interactively through an incredible journey through history.

CASTILLA Y LEÓN. There was preparing the battle of the 5 days in Fitur. Castilla y León will show its tourist offer 'Family Size' with outstanding actions in Holy Week and special interest in promoting its gastronomy and wine tourism without forgetting its offer in rural tourism, cultural and heritage, and health and wellness.

ALICANTE. The impressive fire party stands out. The intense tourist programming focuses this year, especially ongastronomy, culture and popular festivals,some values ​​that, added to the beach and interior products, aim to become thegreat claim of national and international tourists for the 141 Alicante municipalities.

Fitur 2018 International Tourism Fair Madrid celebrated its thirty-eighth edition this year, beating visitors with 251,000 participants at the facilities of the IFEMA fairgrounds.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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