New generations of parents more involved in the care of their children

Times change and with them some aspects of the past evolve. If in the past the family model presented a father In charge of supporting the household economically and a mother who took care of her children, nowadays the man has become more involved in the housework. This is demonstrated by the "Study on Paternity".

The new role of father in Spanish families it has evolved and along with the incorporation of women in the labor world, this role implies a man more involved in the upbringing of his children. Something that favors the creation of a bond between both members of the household.


As shown by the "Study on Paternity"Currently, parents have been involved in the care of their children through activities such as changing diapers." Currently, 85% of parents with children between 0 and 4 years say they have done this practice during the upbringing of their little ones and 65% explains that it is something that they do every day.

On the other hand, the results of this research show that time together with children is something that parents value very positively. In fact, 54% say that they would like to be more with their children. Even so, the moments men spend with their children have increased and 83% acknowledge that they play daily with them and 46% explain that the walk with the children is their favorite moment in the day.

Currently, parents have become more involved in the care of their children through tasks such as 64% she states that she dresses and undresses children at home on a daily basis and 62% gives them food or dinner. Regarding the preferences of men, feeding children is the least liked activity since only 5% indicated that it was their preferred work. The bathroom, 15%, or accompany them to bed, 13% are other tasks that less enjoy them.

The father during pregnancy

The role of the father does not start once your child is born, but it can also help a lot during pregnancy. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Tell men what they can do in pregnancy to give all their help:

1. First trimester. The first three months of pregnancy that cover up to 14 weeks of gestation require greater rest on the part of the mother and at this time symptoms such as nausea and vomiting that occur throughout the day may appear, there is no time where appear more. It is important at this point to know that mood swings are going to be very common from now on and that emotional support for the couple will be fundamental.

2. Second quarter. It is in the second trimester of pregnancy is when the woman feels better during pregnancy. The body of the mother adapts to the gestation and the physical sensation improves and even the nausea can disappear. Parents should know that this is a good time to create bonds with their partner because these days they begin to feel the first movements of the child and heartbeat, sharing these moments between the two will strengthen the project that involves bringing a person to the world.

3. Third trimester. American gynecologists remember that the last trimester is the most complicated for women. They let parents know that it is after week 28 that the woman may feel more uncomfortable as the baby's body grows and the mother's body prepares for delivery. It is in this period when the nerves before the imminent birth reach their highest point, so it is important that the father is with his partner giving their support at all times.

Damián Montero

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