The holidays are over, tips to return the routine to the home

Christmas is over, we have to wait for Easter and summer to enjoy a rest period, well deserved. Now what corresponds is to immerse yourself again in the routines and in obligations, both adults and minors. A goal that can cost a lot at first since during these dates the schedules disappeared and now retaking them is hard for anyone.

But there is no other, we have to integrate the routines in the home and make each and every one of the members of the same readapten to fulfill their obligations. In a short time the goal will be achieved and the whole family will fulfill their commitments.

Sleep, what's important

Both work and school and institute requires early riser. During the Christmas season, the schedules have been disrupted and between departures, family meals and visits to other relatives when going to bed and waking up have been able to get upset. However, this is the first step to return to the routine, ensure a good sleep schedule to meet the obligations.

To do this, nothing better than getting everyone used to go to bed at the same time. This should be the first routine to adapt to avoid fatigue. Parents should ensure that their children go to sleep and ensure that there is no element in their bedroom that can distract them and alter their rest. In the same way, adults must also ensure that they follow this custom and set an example for the little ones.

A routine also assumes schedules very marked, so in the first days the body must adapt to them again. These days parents should ensure that these habits are not relaxed and that if there are "five minutes of more" just that, do not postpone the activity. If before the holidays there was an hour to study and do homework, this must be returned as soon as you return to school.

The child must understand that the holidays are over and that he can not spend so much time leisure. The best thing in these cases is to make sure that no activity is started that can be continued in the long term. During times of rest it is better to spend time talking than to start watching a movie or series that invites you to stay on the couch all afternoon.

The importance of being happy

Going back to the routine not only supposes to fulfill to rajatabla some schedules, also it is necessary to watch to take care of the state of mind of all. Therefore, from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, it is advisable to include the exercise as a custom in the day to day of the people. Gerardo Rodríguez, coordinator of the Working Group of Physical Activity of this body, recalls that "adequate physical activity is related to better school performance and a better state of mind of children."

As stated before, among the obligations you must also return routines that include leisure. Start studying just after lunch It will be of little use since digestion is accompanied by a period of drowsiness that prevents it from being effective in any mental activity. Therefore, nothing better than a small nap, never more than 20 minutes as recommended by experts, so that the body has energy to start.

In the after-dinner you can also bet for a moment of conversation in which the children can tell how their day has gone. Arrived on Weekend also remember that you have to rest to recharge the batteries and return to the maximum next Monday to face other days of obligations. Not every routine is obligation, you also have to watch to disconnect and have your mind free of charges.

Damián Montero

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