Sudden behavioral changes in children, why do you suddenly behave badly?

The development of a child is not exactly simple. Throughout their growth, the youngest children undergo various changes that range from the physical to the psychological. Yesterday's attitudes can change today and what was not long ago was an irreproachable behavior now can be reflected in a conduct that does not fit with what every father expects of his son.

Why does a child suddenly behave badly? What makes this behavior appear in the smallest of the house? This is the study of María del Rocío Valencia García and Patricia Andrade Palos in the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. In this text, they explain several reasons why a minor can alter their conduct at their early ages.

Internal factors of behavior changes

To analyze the causes that could lead to a change in attitude, these researchers analyzed a total of 671 children in school age that were subjected to different analyzes. On the one hand, the behavior that is usually considered acceptable at school was reviewed, that is, to comply with the basic rules of behavior such as not interrupting, getting along with their peers, etc.

On the other hand, the researchers also analyzed possible internal causes such as episodes of anxiety and stress. After conducting three studies in these children, which included interviews with teachers and parents to explain their explanation of behavior change, it was concluded that sudden misbehaviors could have different origins.

Among the causes for sudden bad behavior were internal factors, which are often overlooked by educators. Anxiety and undetected depression were two of the most repeated causes by experts in this field. Stress leads to an explosion of emotions that children do not know how to control and that leads to an attitude reprehensible.

On the other hand, episodes of depression were more related to ostracism and a tendency to avoid contact with parents and other classmates. In both cases, intervention by the school counselors was necessary to channel the situation. In fact, the data revealed that children who were more aggressive, liars, mocking and disobedient also expressed themselves with more feelings of loneliness, confusion and sadness.

External factors of behavior changes

There are also a number of external factors that explain changes in behavior in children. One of them is the consent of the parents to any attitude on the part of the parents, whether bad or good. Definitely, spoil too much to their children and not deprive them of anything, grant them every whim they ask for. This definitely means that even if the child shows good behavior, he ends up understanding that there are no limits.

When he does not see the limits, he feels he has the power to do everything he can think of and when he tries to stop, he responds aggressively. In these cases, although cries and complaints appear on the part of the child, we must begin to set limits to stop the situation. If a little one who was once good suddenly starts to misbehave, you have to start thinking if you have not been spoiled too much.

Another example of bad behavior is that he feels displaced after the arrival of a brother. A child who has behaved well so far can start doing the opposite when this new member joins the family, a way of claiming parental attention that previously filled him with attention.

Damián Montero

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