The best camps for children in the US

Go with Rosina Bernar Best Summers to one of the exclusive camps selected in the USA from and for American children with whom we worked more than a decade ago, locating a limited number of Spaniards, is the best way to improve the language, coexisting with practically 100% of American children. There are no classes, you learn by immersion, 24 hours a day practicing the language!

Rosina Bernar is a family business that has been working with 50 camps in the USA for more than 15 years, carefully selected over many years as a demanding mother and where she would send her children.

They also offer other programs such as Adventure Travel and Volunteering (14/18 years, 2, 3 and 5 weeks), living in a small group of Americans and professional monitors: travel the US, visiting cities, universities, or doing hours of service to the Community, or Trips with more Adventure: bicycle, hiking, canoeing, climbing, surfing ... Or in Europe, Thailand and Africa with Volunteering.

Because 'not all camps are for all children'

To choose the camp that best suits the personality, tastes, potential of our children, we know all our families before recommending any camp and we know in depth, not only the program of each camp, but the people behind it, from 15 years ago. We work with them 365 days a year and we are there every summer!

We have traditional camps where children do all kinds of sports, activities and adventure and other more specialized (music, tennis, horse riding, basketball, volleyball, golf, etc.)

They are educational programs

In these summer camps are working so important facets for the formation of our children as values, helping them to develop character, their social and emotional intelligence: friendship, companionship, adaptation to the group, curiosity, self-control, respect, tolerance, teamwork , boost self-esteem, confidence, optimism, respect for nature, resilience, appreciate the achievements of others, motivation, ability to excel, leadership ... are some words of the objectives that in addition to English, will know ...

In an active and healthy environment

Outside electronic, return to traditional friendship, to interact, play, socialize talk ..., and also in nature, doing sports and activities, integrated into a group of children of the same age, with the best monitors (one every 3 children !!) carefully selected that will be their models during the weeks they spend in the camp and directed by vocational professionals.

A unique experience of teamwork and fantastic training for life. In this type of trips, they develop all the values ​​and abilities of personal improvement, adaptation to the group, strengthening of character, leadership ...

In the best camps for children in the US you'll find...

- Personalized attention to all our families.
- Total immersion in English, living with American children
- Ages: 9 to 17 years old.
- Duration. From 3 to 7 weeks.      


- Pre-university programs in the USA and Canada (15/18 years)
- Academic Programs in summer USA
- School course in the USA (13-17 years)
- Limited places in Europe: Summer courses, school year and short stay: England, Ireland, France, Germany or Switzerland. Always with the quality and personalized attention that characterizes Rosina Bernar.

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Tels. 94 491 55 71- 619 41 20 74
San Ignacio 9, 480012 Getxo (Vizcaya)

Tº- 94 491 55 71
General Arrando 5, 28010 Madrid

Tº- 91 459 94 00 (previous appointment)

Video: One of the Best Summer Camps in the US - Adirondack Camp

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