10% of Spaniards postpone the purchase of gifts from Reyes for the last moment

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. However, this maxim that should be applied in any area of ​​our lives is not applied by many people. Postpone An activity in some situations may involve only being overwhelmed at certain times, but in other contexts such as buying gifts from kings it is possible to be immersed in great stress.

How many people postpone buying gifts for these dates? To this question he has tried to answer the study "Procrastination in Spanish homes"A work that tries to find out how many people procrastinate in this country during these dates, that is, how many individuals postpone decisions such as the acquisition of gifts for their loved ones.

Christmas procrastination

In this study it is clear that procrastination is not something that happens at a time of the year, throughout the 365 days the homes postpone numerous activities. Even during the Christmas Many people choose to leave for tomorrow what they can do today. Among the most deferred are the year's resolutions. In this way 30% of the respondents acknowledge that the diet after these dates is what takes longer since the decision is made.

28% also recognize that they procrastinate the beginning of the exercise after Christmas. Not even the gifts of kings escape this postponement since 3.5 million of respondents reveals that they delay the purchase of these presents during this time. Among the reasons that most explain these decisions are laziness and the preference of other more pleasant activities.

It should be noted that during these dates most of the people are in a stage of holidays. That is why this leisure time is used by many of them to carry out activities that they could not do the rest of the year like going to the movies or taking a short trip. In this way, upon concluding these actions, after finishing these playful practices, all these responsibilities are met.

Of course, procrastination also has consequences. The 44% confesses to have a feeling of guilt for having decided to postpone these actions and 40% of respondents admit to going through periods of stress after postponing these responsibilities. In the case of purchases of kings, the most obvious result is not finding what is on the list of children or find more expensive prices.

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is a headache. Therefore, from the Organization of Consumers and Users these tips are given for these dates. If you still have something to buy, take care of these tips that can help you a lot:

- Make lists to plan and stagger. OCU recommends to elaborate 3 lists (food, gifts and toys) that include everything necessary. What does not appear in this compendium will not be purchased. You can also include dates to stagger the expenses, although remember, while later - Beware of the bargains. In December suspicious discounts appear, review the terms and remember this time there is so much demand that the stores do not need to reduce to sell everything.

- Rate online purchases. Maybe they take a little longer but on the internet you can find good discounts that allow you to save. But remember, check the opinions of other users before going for these articles.

- Eye the decoration. An expense that often fall families without noticing is the decoration of the same home. Sometimes less is more and you have to look for a Christmas touch, not that the house can be seen from the sky. In addition, the lights of the portal or of the tree can also suppose an important expense in the invoice.

- Create special and affordable menus. An important lesson when planning the Christmas dinner is to buy with the head and not with the eye. In view of the consumer, many very appealing products are presented. But you have to remember the limit of the stomach and not take home more than necessary.

- Compare is save. Do not stay with the first price you see, especially in larger purchases such as gifts from minors.

- Run away from quick loans to avoid long-term debt problems. Something that should also apply to card payment that can generate undesirable long-term surprises.

Damián Montero

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