University internships: the jump to the world of work

The previous step to take a resume is to perform the first University practices in business, a requirement imposed by virtually all universities to be aware of the importance of students to contact the world of work.

When young people start university they know that it is a period of changes and opportunities. New colleagues, a different rhythm, more time in the library and one of the experiences that everyone has to go through, internships in companies.

Why are university practices so important?

Because it is the moment when students really leave their comfort zone and leave the theory behind. Teachers are no longer valid, nor textbooks, university practices mean their first contact with the world of work. Now they have real heads and responsibilities that will prepare them for when the days in the classrooms end.

This is why universities are aware of the value of these practices, so they try to facilitate this process to students. This is the case of the Villanueva University Center. His spokesman Pablo Ivars Lleó said that "in addition to gaining professional experience and starting to feel what their future is going to be, it is fundamental that this helps them to be aware of the importance of their work".

The experience of University practices it helps them to face situations unknown to them, to overcome them little by little. "That jump without a doubt pushes them to see things with perspective, to face new challenges and to know how to deal with people in a work environment," says Pablo Ivars Lleó from the Center's Communication Department.

Professional scenarios for university students

The main task of the universities is to bring young people closer to the professional reality that is experienced today, guiding and preparing them in such daily processes as the presentation of the curriculum or in the preparation of interviews to access a job, pointing out the Competitive advantages of each one. "Having a faculty formed, not only by academics, but also by active professionals, ensures that these transmit to students the reality of each of the sectors: what is currently demanded, what are the challenges or what is needed to be really prepared to contribute in that professional context ".

The theory is well learned but the implementation of the knowledge acquired is not always easy. Many times they feel that they start from scratch, but, although they will always have that concern, they can gain security through training and activities that help them to know the professional reality. The objective of the CUV is that "recreating professional scenarios is fundamental for the training of university students".

University practices serve to reaffirm the vocation

First of all, the university practices serve to reaffirm their vocation, so that young people realize how the chosen profession works outside the classroom. "We have seen many cases in which the practices help discard a sector that the student believed was the one he liked the most (for example, a Journalism student who decides not to focus on the radio after an internship), or for the On the contrary, reaffirm itself in its vocation, "says Ivars Lleó.

The key is that students are able to test your abilities in the workplace and become "problem solvers", which will give them an appropriate maturity when it comes to choosing a sector or a future company in which to develop their skills.

In addition, the benefit is mutual, since companies are also enriched by the experience of the practices in their own way. Young people bring thrust and excitement, "and often even serve as -upgrade" with new ideas and entrepreneurial character so typical of the current generation. "

Ana Cemborain
Advice: Pablo Ivars Lleó, from the Villanueva University Center

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