WHO recognizes video game disorder as a mental illness

The video game they are a form of entertainment that has come to our society together with new technologies. Videogames and computers offer children the opportunity to immerse themselves in online adventures that sometimes end up leading to an abuse of these systems. In fact, there are few children, and also adults who develop pathologies derived from them.

In fact, from next year the World Health Organization, WHO, will consider the disorders caused by the video game as a real disease and will include it within the International Classification of Diseases of this organism. A recognition of the negative effects that these items have on children when they are abused.

Video game addiction: mental illness according to WHO

From the WHO they describe the upheaval of the videojuegos like the attitude that the children have when they make a recurrent and habitual use of these products. The minors They present a dependence on this form of entertainment and are unable to find other alternatives to have fun. These behaviors are derived from a misuse of these technologies as they claim from this organization.

The intention is, as it points Vladimir Poznyak, responsible for the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse of the WHO, in the magazine New Scientist, get professionals around the world to recognize that video games can have serious consequences for health. At the same time, it is important to distinguish between the normal use of these technologies, problematic use and addiction.

Poznyak points out that the normal user of video games does not present problem some in this sense. The member of the WHO emphasizes that it can begin to be spoken of disorder when the use of these technologies produces a significant deterioration in some of the areas of the minor or visual deficiencies by the constant exhibition to the screens or the incapacity to take off of the videoconsoles, expressing anger if this option is suggested.

Educate in the responsible use of videogames

As Poznyak explains, the average user of video games does not present any of these problems. It is in the wake of abuse of these technologies when these disorders appear, to avoid them nothing better than to educate in the responsible use:

1. Play with them. Playing with your child, as well as being a good excuse to spend time together, is a way to control the content of video games with which children spend their time.

2. Establish rules and limits. Instead of prohibiting the use of video games for children, it is necessary to define standards, explain the consequences of non-compliance and be consistent in their application. In this way, progressively the child will acquire self-control.

3. Use parental control. To avoid inappropriate contents, such as violent videogames, asking about the product to be purchased from store managers and looking at the references of the PEGI system is a good idea. Also, if the console allows it, you can restrict access to certain materials with the Parental Control.

4. Become familiar with new technologies. Video games can be an enjoyable way for parents and children to take on new technologies together, read a little about the news and try to be aware of many problems.

5. Outdoors above the screen. It is ironic that many children play sports on their screens instead of practicing them. Whenever possible, you should prioritize the enjoyment of leisure abroad rather than at home.

Damián Montero

Video: Video games as mental-health hazards

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