New Year's resolutions to fulfill as a family

One more year is over, the chimes come, the countdown to a new beginning that can translate into a change of life. Although any time is good to start putting aside bad habits, the January 1 It can be a good date to start working hard for these commitments. Some purposes that the whole family can assume to conquer them in the months that are to come.

If all members acquire this commitment, or help the rest to get them, the work will be more bearable. Start the year with the best attitude is the first step, the second is to know what you want to change to do so, this is a series of purposes that can be achieved among all.

New Year's resolutions

Do more exercise.

A lot of time on the couch, in the work chair or in front of the desk. One of the most repeated purposes is to exercise more. Ask the kings sportswear and good shoes and start the year with a lot of exercise, next December 31 you will surely enjoy the benefits and thank them.

More family game.

The work or school day ends, you get home and the leisure time is spent watching a series, being with the tablet or video games. As of January 1 the chip must change, we must promote the game as a family to discover a fantastic way to laugh and enjoy that will give many memories at the end of next year.

Acquire a new skill.

The whole family can enroll in the same course, either cooking or any other subject in order to improve or acquire a skill. At the time of finishing the new year that begins, surely the balance has been positive in this sense and much more is known than what was known on January 1.

Give up smoking.

For the elderly in the house, leaving this bad habit will benefit all members of the household. You can start smoking only outdoors and little by little reducing the times in which the tobacco is consumed. The rest of the family should encourage him by rewarding his progress and encouraging this person with alternatives to smoking.

Visit more to the family.

The concept of family is much broader than you think. Grandparents, uncles, cousins. Making a small visit from time to time will be appreciated for the amount of moments that will be shared. And in the case of the youngest who study in other cities, increase the calls and not leave for tomorrow that greeting to their parents.

Be less selfish.

To think less about the self and more about the us is a purpose that can serve the whole family. Helping more people who are close to them and developing empathy is a very important point.

Damián Montero

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