Safety seats in winter, how to go hot and without risks?

During this time many families take the opportunity to make a trip, whether for leisure or to visit a family member, there are many who ride their children in the car and say goodbye to their home for a few days. In these journeys you have to remember the road safety advice that you have to follow when traveling with children, but at the same time you have to remember the comfort of the little ones.

These dates also suppose a fall of the temperatures that can be felt in the car, especially if we consider that the majority remain parked outside closed enclosures. Therefore, since American Academy of Pediatrics A series of tips are given to ensure comfort and safety during the journeys to be made this Christmas.

Comfortable and safe

These are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics that are provided to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for children. More smalls:

- Store the safety seat inside the house when it is being used. In this way the seat is maintained at a room temperature reducing the heat loss of the child's body when it is in the car.

- Prepare in advance. If there are travel plans with the baby winter days, you have to prepare and provide blankets for the child

- Dress the child with several thin layers of clothing. In this way the initial cold can be counteracted and as the temperature rises inside the car, you can remove excess sleeves.

- Do not forget the hat, gloves, tights or booties. These garments help keep children warm without interfering with seatbelt straps.

- Fit the harness straps to the safety seat. Even if the child seems to be comfortably wrapped in the safety seat, the various layers of clothing can make adjusting the straps difficult.

- Put a coat or blanket over the straps. A good option to ensure a good temperature in children is to place a blanket over the harness straps or place the child's coat upside down once the belt has been adjusted. It does not get too hot once the car is hot.

- Nothing should be below the baby's body or between his body and the harness straps. Be sure to leave the child's face uncovered to prevent air trapping and breathing again.

- Remember that you should never use products without quality labels or that have not been subjected to collision tests and may be an obstacle to provide protection during a collision.

- Keep an emergency bag in the car. Dry clothes in case of sweat, hats or hats and gloves in case temperatures drop or for the ride of the vehicle to the service area, as well as non-perishable food in case of an emergency on the road or if your child gets wet during an outing in the winter time.

Other tips for Christmas

From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics also give a series of tips to spend a good Christmas no frights:

- If you expect visits from family and friends with children, it is important to review the possible dangers, especially with the little ones. Areas such as windows, stairs and electrical objects.

- During dinners, remember that the kitchen is not a safe place for children and while cooking it should not be near the fire. The security measures should be taken with the children and the elderly.

- When buying toys you must take into account that they are appropriate for the age of the child and purchase products with the seal of quality. Keep small pieces, such as batteries, small objects, magnets and coins, out of reach of children under three years. Remove the packaging, especially the plastic bags.

- If alcohol is consumed, you should not drive. Alcohol is a drug that affects the senses. Parents can serve as an example to young people to prevent alcohol consumption.

- A healthy diet, with a varied diet that includes vegetables and fruits and without abusing sweets. Although it is a time of sweets and candies, it does not mean that these become the only dish on the table.

- The holidays are an opportunity to be with the children, to play and to participate in the tasks of the family. A trick to be able to enjoy is to avoid filling up with plans without rest and thus be able to have time to enjoy what most appeal to us all.

Damián Montero

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