Tips for a safe Christmas lighting

What a joy a house decorated by Christmas. A Bethlehem Portal, socks on top of the fireplace and lights. Few homes are left without colored lighting during these dates, a way for the outside of them to account for the joy that is inside.

This decoration is also present inside the home. The lights of Christmas They create a cheerful space of walls inside. However, certain safety notions can not be overlooked when installing these elements: fires, burns in children and other risks have to be prevented when placing these items. For this purpose, American Academy of Pediatrics Give the following tips.

Security with lighting

Do you want to install Christmas lights in your home? Not without first taking into account these advice from security:

- Check that the lights have the corresponding quality label to avoid accidents such as breaking and falling of their remains to the ground, the colors of these items could attract children to swallow them. In the same way, a short circuit could occur due to poor quality wiring.

- Christmas trees must carry the corresponding security label. Some synthetic elements that compose them can overheat and burn.

- Avoid that the wiring is visible. The plugs where they take current these lights should be alien to children to prevent children from touching them out of curiosity and electrocuted.

- As has been said, the colors of the lights can be an attraction for the little ones. Parents will have to watch to avoid choking that leads to poisoning or suffocation.

- Other lighting elements such as candles should be placed on bases on which the hot wax will fall avoiding that they can cause tablecloths or other elements liable to ignite to cause a fire. Also watch that children touch the flame attracted by the colors of these items or that there are hanging objects that can ignite.

Other safety recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics also gives other safety tips for this Christmas in order to ensure that the decoration does not cause any problem in the homes:

- Ensure that children can ingest some decorative element such as imitations of foods that serve as a centerpiece.

- Remove decorative elements from areas that radiate heat to prevent heating and seizing, leading to fire.

- Remember that children are small people with a desire to play, we must avoid that the presence of decorative elements such as the Christmas tree can cause an accident in children.

- When placing the decorative elements, make sure they can fall on the children's heads and cause injuries.

- Items such as sprays of serpentine should always be used by an adult and avoid their use near fire sources as it is a flammable product. You have to watch the smallest to avoid being swallowed by confusing them with a treat.

Damián Montero

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