Seat Arona, a quality adventurer

Even though Fashion SUV already has a way to enter the classicism, Seat was one of the manufacturers that took longer to succumb to its demand, but it has caught the taste. The Seat Arona It fulfills all the expectations of those who want to have a car with TT appearance, high and with an attractive image that emanates an active life.

The firm entered this segment with the Ateca and now it does with the Arona, which is a version of the car with a reduced name in size and off-road performance. Let's say that the Arona, car named Canary Islands, is the adventurous face of Ibiza. But Seat does not deceive and this car is defined by an urban SUV, that is, adventurous, but city.

The Seat Arona and its height image

It is true that the Seat Arona It has a ground clearance of 19 centimeters, which allows it to leave the asphalt and go through dirt roads without the danger of skimming the ground, but without getting into too many risks in the field, because in any version the total traction is available, what could be practical for those who live in mountain areas with sliding roads, with mud or winter snow and like or need a smaller car. Of course, it does not have other transmission devices for the field, such as descent assistance.

The car is one of those who like and, in this aspect, Seat has long since found the key of success, without reaching the design that borders on the quirky of some models of the Rising Sun. I would even say that the design of the Arona convinces before that of its predecessor Ateca.

The Arona is already on sale, with a base price of 17,300 euros, which corresponds to the Reference 1.0 TSI version of 95 horses. Although the versions most in demand may be the Style termination, from 18,680 euros. If we go into comparisons, the market offers perhaps more competitive prices in other brands within this same segment, which is now one of the most demanded.

This is the functional interior of the Seat Arona

Inside, the Arona bets more on functionality and a technological environment, all correct, simple and with materials in the same scale. Another thing is the value of space: in this aspect it plays strong and is perhaps the quality that, apart from the adventurous image, can make us tip the balance by the Arona if at some point we have wondered if this model would be a better choice than his brother Ibiza.

To begin the access to the Arona, higher, it is comfortable, as well as the position of the driver and the rest of seats, which highlights its greater distance to the roof, even when compared with other brands. It is also necessary to put in positive the volume of the trunk, with 400 liters of capacity, 45 more than in the Ibiza.

Hybrid and gasoline engines in the Seat Arona

Under the hood we have a repetition of mechanics of the Ibiza. In gasoline and in the first phase of launch has two engines, the first is three-cylinder 1.0 TSI 95 horsepower, with a five-speed gearbox. It follows with the same provision a version of 115 horses, which already has a six-speed manual gearbox or, better and more recommended, a DSG automatic double clutch and seven speeds.

For later, Seat plans to launch a third gasoline engine, the 1.5 TSI EVO four-cylinder and 150 horsepower, which will have active disconnection of cylinders, associated with a change of six gears. This engine will only be sold with the FR finish.

In diesel the Arona has the proven 1.6 TDI engine, with two powers, 95 and 115 horses, the first can be chosen with five-speed manual or DSG seven and the 115-horsepower will only be sold with manual transmission.

In mid-2018, the greener option of the Arona will arrive with a 1.0-horsepower 1.0 TGI hybrid engine, fueled by gasoline and CNG Compressed Natural Gas.

Also like in the Ibiza, the Arona will be sold in four finishing levels, Reference, Style, Xcellence and FR. From the first level it offers, among other elements, six airbags, Brake Assist in the city Front Assist, Hill Start Assistant, Speed ​​Limiter, Tire Pressure Sensor, Electronic Immobilizer, On-board Computer, Radio Media System Touch, with screen 12.7 cm touch screen, USB, Aux-In, SD Slot, 4 speakers and Bluetooth), air conditioning with dust and pollen filter, electric front and rear windows and central locking with remote control. Elements that are completed, up to the sophistication of the Xcellence and the sportsmanship of FR.

Data sheet

Engines: Gasoline TSI 1.0 of 95 HP and 115 HP. Diesel TDI 1.6 95 HP and 1.6 of 115 HP.
Transmission: 5 and 6 speed manual gearbox and automatic seven-speed DSG.
Suspension: Front McPherson and rear wheel thrown.
Brakes: Front discs and tambos or rear discs.
Address: Zip and electric assistance.
Length / width / height: 4.13 / 1.78 / 1.52 meters.
Capacities: Trunk 400 liters. Deposit, 40 liters.
Prices: From € 17,300 to € 23,270.

Francisco DEL BRÍO. Newsmotor

Video: First Impression | New Sportage | Kia

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