Holidays at Christmas, how not to lose the school rhythm

The holidays arrive, a time related to rest. Everything seems to indicate that you do not have to stop with your obligations and think only about leisure. But you have to remember that the Christmas concludes and you have to return to school responsibilities. A return that can be made very hard after having focused solely on enjoyment.

For this reason, there are many specialists who recommend parents not to let their children lose their rhythm. Without forgetting that you have to recover the batteries during these dates, you have to keep certain academic activity to avoid that the return to the classrooms is too strong for the students or that they have forgotten certain notions. The review is a highly recommended option for these holidays.

How to avoid losing the rhythm

These are some tips to avoid losing the rhythm during the Christmas holidays:

- Rest the mind. Although it may seem ironic, during the first days of the holidays you have to rest your mind. There have been many days of dedication to the studies during the course, therefore, rest and recover strength at the beginning of the holidays is essential.

- Maintain the environment. Christmas is synonymous with holidays and leisure. But the place of study should not be altered. The sanctuary where the student does homework and reviews must be maintained. Noises, distractions and anything that disturbs the rhythm of the smallest must be eradicated.

- Create and fulfill an agenda. Nothing better to not fail than to plan. What days will be worked? Which ones will rest? Exposing them in the calendar and complying with them is essential.

- Do not pretend to cover everything. To take advantage of nothing better than to focus on a subject every day. It is better to dedicate a day to the review of a specific subject that intends to cover everything in it.

- Have fun and learn. There are multiple ways of learning, from traditional study, to watching a film in an original version with subtitles. Finding a way to receive teachings while enjoying yourself is a fantastic option.

Benefits of holiday tasks

Tasks yes? Tasks, no? There are many detractors and many others recommend doing homework in this period. These are the arguments of those who bet on not losing the rhyme at this time, as Cecilia Collantes Pérez, Psychopedagogue in Hadi Psychology:

- They can help to consolidate the contents addressed in class, favoring the generalization of learning.

- As we have indicated that they could promote competitiveness, well focused motivate and promote positive values.

- Facilitate a work routine outside the school. That children and young people develop appropriate habits is fundamental.

- We can see them as an occasion to facilitate communication and interaction between parents / children and other members of the family.

- Generate autonomy in students.

Damián Montero

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