The influence of parents on the vocational choice of their children

A father is an influence for his children. Either because it is the mirror in which the little ones look or because they advise and help when it comes to taking decisions You can not deny the influence of parents in small, adolescents and young adults. Even their vision can decide the vocational future of children from very early ages.

No matter how hard you try not to influence the decisions of the children, a parent will always alter in one way or another these elections. Can the level of this influx be reduced? Can it be used positively in some way? On this subject, the Argentine Society of Family Therapy that explains how the parents are present in the decisions that their offspring take.

It always influences: parents can guide

Although many parents, faced with the vocational choice of their children, decide not to intervene, so as not to influence them, the truth is that it is impossible. Since he is small, the child sees in his parents a figure in which to take an example and from which he will take elements. More adolescent, knowing the experience of these adults, will come to them to ask for help.

At this point, from this organism the difference between solve doubts and decide for them. The parents before any question of the smallest ones must provide real information and allow them to decide. The choice should never be said in advance, since this would nullify the critical capacity of the children by not being able to weigh all the options.

On the other hand, there is also talk of another inevitable influence: the environment where the child is raised. For example, a family where there is a habit of reading will encourage the child to develop a love for books and eventually end up devouring books on their own. While the young will define his own personality, you can not deny the influence of the paternal tastes in this matter.

The same happens in the decision of the vocational future. If the child has been brought up in a ambient where the sciences have been very present, this terrain will be more familiar and therefore there will be a greater possibility of opting for this field in the workplace. In the same way, if the children see that their parents are happy with their job, they will want an equal one for them when they get older.

Allow them to choose their profession

Once the influence of parents on the vocation of their children is known, it is important do not abuse her and end by choosing them. Parents should never get upset if at the end a different itinerary is taken than initially thought, if not all, support this decision. But yes, you have to be realistic and expose all the risks you face on this path.

These are other elements that should be present when choosing a professional future:

- Self-knowledge. Knowing what competences and personal skills are mastered and determining in which future employment can be applied is the first step to take, before taking into account the offer of training and future employment.

- The academic offer. The options are increasingly broad and diverse as there is a tendency towards specialization. It is necessary to know and inform us of the offer of existing studies, to find the one that best suits our objectives and possibilities.

- The work market. You have to know thoroughly if possible, the characteristics and tasks performed by professionals to choose the profession that interests us. It is important to talk with different professionals to tell us the pros and cons of their professional lives.

Damián Montero


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