A guide teaches parents everything about the first 1000 days of the baby

They say that the children come with a bread under their arms, but many first-timers would appreciate it if they came with a book of instructions. Facing fatherhood is a true challenge: The baby does not talk and you have to understand your needs in other very different ways. A very nice process but at the same time complicated, so any help that comes from outside is always well received.

Help like the one offered from the Gredos San Diego Schools in your guide to the first 1000 days for parents. A compendium of advice and clarifications for those adults who believe that this situation can overcome them and that there will be aspects that they will not be able to understand. Although each case is a world, in this list there will be many doubts to be solved.

Facing the new

As explained in this guide, fatherhood means discovering something new every day. Not only at the time of delivery, each baby's day is a change in it and the adaptation to another context. This can overwhelm parents as it seems that every day there is a lesson to be learned, however, this process can become something very special.

These first 1000 days of the baby suppose to see how that person who has come to the world is growing and growing older. How he is gaining autonomy since he is not able to hold himself upright until he can walk and talk. As explained in the guide, this process should be used to strengthen the bond between the parents and the child. The former will be proud to see their work done and the latter will feel safe in the arms of their parents.

This guide also remember It must be borne in mind that for the maturation process to take time. During this you have to know how to respect, since each child has its own speed of development. From the beginning it is very important that they start, with the help of the parents, both sides of the body and stimulate the two halves of the body and limbs symmetrically in games and massages.

But what you never have to do is compare cases or situations, each one requires a time and unless during a routine review something different is said, the baby will progress adequately but at his own pace. Little by little the children will present small details that will mean great advances for the little ones and that will fill the children with joy.

Patience first of all

Towards four months babies are gaining autonomy. First of all they are able to maintain the erect head, turn it towards both sides extending and arching the body, and also stretch the arms, the legs and keep the hands open. In this guide it is recommended to promote the independence and development of the baby leaving it on the ground and increasing those times of freedom.

This autonomy also translates into the ability to pick up objects that are within reach, such as the pacifier or kitchen utensils when you are near them. In eagerness to investigate causes that the baby constantly wants to manipulate all kinds of articles, so it is recommended patience and not get carried away by the nerves that can mean constant attention.

Parents will have to monitor the room where the baby will be placed to avoid being able to manipulate dangerous objects or to bring an article to the mouth toxic. This vigilance, and patience, should be maximized as the child grows older. By 6 months they are able to turn their body upwards to start crawling alone and crawl.

In this age babies touch and suck everything they have in hand, thus accumulating an important amount of information with which they incorporate new learning about the world around them. Parents must assume the obligation that these interactions are with safe elements and that this acquisition of information does not result in any danger for the little ones.

Damián Montero

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