Donate toys, a caring way of teaching what Christmas means

The Christmas It is a time that is characterized by many reasons: lights, joy, family dinners, but it is also a perfect date to teach values ​​such as solidarity. An opportunity for the little ones to learn that these holidays not only mean receiving, but also can be a time to give to those who have less and also enjoy.

In this sense, the donation of toys is a practice for children to learn what solidarity means and how it also forms part of the Christmas. In this way those who have less will also be able to enjoy these holidays and the little ones in the house will learn such an important value as empathy and generosity.

Why donate toys

As they explain from UNHCR all children enjoy playing but not all can do it in the same way. Minors from less favored countries do not have the opportunity to access toys with which to promote this important point in their development and laugh. The donation of what is no longer used at home can help these children enjoy childhood.

The game is a very important element in the developing of minors since it promotes aspects such as creativity and the social aspect of children. Through the donation of toys, various organizations make them reach those children who do not have access to them. In this way an excellent use is given to everything that is not used at home and an opportunity to make others happy.

In the case of the child who donates the toy, he also learns a valuable lesson about what solidarity means and how they can change the world with small acts like these. With this action the minors will take a teaching on the altruism and how the best prize for an action is to feel good about themselves.

Christmas values

In addition to solidarity, Christmas is a very good time to teach other values ​​to the More smalls. Here are some examples of what children can learn on these dates:

- Family unit. Perhaps throughout the year children do not fully understand what the word family means. But these dates during dinners and meetings can be useful for the little ones to understand these links.

- Humility. Although Christmas is often associated with large expenses, it can also be used for children to understand otherwise. That with little you can enjoy these dates to the fullest.

- Responsibility Christmas dinners can be used for children to help carry out tasks such as setting the table or helping prepare the menu. A way to teach responsibility.

- Sorry. Christmas can be the perfect time to bury the hatchet, pick up the phone and apologize. An opportunity for children to understand that being angry forever is not worth it.

- Generosity Making gifts to family members also helps the little ones understand what it means to be generous and how to make another person happy can be more joyful than something material.

Damián Montero

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