Parents of children with problems also need help

When someone has a problem at home, irremediably ends up affecting all members of the household. The person who goes through this situation receives help, but forgets that perhaps the rest also needs it. This is the case of the parents of children who go through diseases or behavior disorders that pose a difficult situation for everyone.

The parents of these children go through a series of very intense questions. In the case that the parents of children with problems of conduct, they think that they have failed in their mission as parents and that they have not been able to educate correctly the minors they have raised. Something that intensifies in those who see how their children go through a hard illness before what they can not do anything but wait.

Parents of children with behavior problems

As it has been said, the parents of children with behavioral problems blame themselves for not having been able to teach the children correctly. These adults are seen as the origin of this situation. In these cases they need Psychological Support to regain emotional stability to become again the light that guides the minors.

The people who help these parents in these situations should remind them of the following, as they point out from the Alanda foundation:

- Remember that there are moments like adolescence where rebellion appears. Sometimes this translates into behaviors that are not acceptable to adolescents, which in some cases can lead to crimes.

- Provide all the forces. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, or friends must now become the father's support. These forces transmitted to adults will in turn be transferred to children or adolescents with behavioral problems.

- Do not be afraid to request professional help. There are problems that escape, it is inevitable. If the situation is out of order, do not be afraid to ask for professional help for yourself or a family therapy.

Parents of sick children

In the case of parents with sick children their mood it deteriorates at the same time they see that they can not do anything to change the situation of the little ones. Seeing a child going through these contexts is not a plate of good taste, so from the Spanish Association Against Cancer The following tips are offered:

- Remember the objectives of the treatment. Try to think about the achievements. It will help you to maintain a more positive attitude on difficult days.

- Focus attention on pleasant aspects. For this, it is important to carry out activities that are pleasant.

- Review goals and priorities. Identify what is really important for the family and avoid the most undesirable activities.

- Do not force yourself to feel joy or optimism always. The process of the disease can be long and difficult and it is not always easy to have a good mood.

- Live the day-to-day. Although it is sometimes impossible to avoid thinking about the future, you have to try to enjoy the present moment with those around you.

Damián Montero

Video: Treatment of Behavioral Problems with Child & Adolescent Psychologist Dr. Collins Hodges

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