The presence of strangers in the network is the main concern of parents

Internet It has been in homes around the world for several years, making life easier for its members. An aid in tasks, immense file of information and the ability to communicate immediately regardless of distance. But in all this time it has also been found that the network hosts many dangers that have aroused alarms among parents.

Adults are very aware of what can happen on the Internet and the risks that can harm their children. This is revealed by the Survey on Internet Use and Security Habits for Minors and Youth in Spain, report published by the Ministry of the Interior where the opinion of the parents is gathered about the use that the small ones make of the network and their concerns about it.

Presence of strangers

The data of this report clearly indicate that parents believe that social networks are a source of potential danger to their children. Proof of this is that their main concerns are born, the first of which is that a stranger contacts the children through the online world. The second is that some type of crime against minors can be committed, whether cyberbullying or blackmail for owning private material.

It also highlights that parents trust their children's use of the internet, as stated by the 54% of the participants. On the other hand, 36.2% reveal that they do not have much confidence and only 2.6% describe it as null. Given this level of conviction, it is not surprising that 53.9% of participants allow children to use tools such as instant messaging applications and social networks and 33.2% would consent under supervision.

Regarding the measures taken by parents to know the activity of their children on the Internet, almost 62% of respondents said that they check the websites that the children have visited. 37.6% review the groups in applications such as Whatsapp where the minors are and 34.1% have their children on social media contacts.

The survey also asked parents about the safety measures they use to avoid the hazards mentioned above. The 72,1% of parents confirms having antivirus software and 38.1% recognizes installing parental blockers that prevent children from accessing certain pages. A 19.2% explains that it resorts to technologies with which the activity that the minors do in the network is recorded.

Responsible use of the internet

Internet offers many utilities, so there is no need to restrict its use. In the network there is very useful information that helps the little ones in their tasks and student life. To avoid these risks, from the Complutense University of Madrid These tips are given to prevent problems:

- Do not limit everything. Internet is useful, so prohibiting access denies the child a tool that can help in the future.

- Listen to the child's point of view. What image does the child have of the internet? Knowing it will help you understand what use you intend to give the network.

- Make the rules clear. It is necessary to make clear rules, especially those related to privacy. If they are broken, the child should know that there will be consequences.

- Set limits. The time of use of the internet must be limited and never interfere with other tasks or obligations.

- Explain that any fear they feel during their experience on the Internet can go to their parents.

Damián Montero

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