Physiotherapists recommend gifts that encourage movement in the letter to the Kings

Their Majesties of the East are already loading their camels with gifts to reach the homes of all the children of the world. Some presents that the Kings they know thanks to the letters that minors write to them and in which they express their illusions and interests. But we must not forget the usefulness of writing this letter and include articles that help in day-to-day life.

Therefore, from the Professional Association of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madrid, CPFCM, it is recommended to include in the letter to the Kings magicians articles that encourage physical activity. Gifts that not only encourage the practice of exercise but also encourage social relationships and reduce sedentary lifestyle among children.

Less screen, more movement

José Santos, general secretary of CPFCM, points out that according to data from the World Health Organization, WHO, currently 41 million children they are overweight A good reason to give away products that encourage physical activity instead of screens that encourage a sedentary lifestyle. "Children spend more than 80% of the school day sitting and when they leave, in many cases, they continue with sedentary activities such as support classes, languages, etc. In addition to having to do their homework when they get home," he explains. member of this body.

In addition, from the CPFCM, those parents who opt for electronic gifts the need to restrict the use of them. Therefore, from this organization it is recommended to take breaks every hour or hour and a half in the use of screens to do some physical activity. "It is recommended that parents encourage physical activity of their children as much as possible in their free time through games or outdoor activities or group, or enrolling in any sporting activity," says Santos.

Further, Saints emphasizes that getting "start a child in a sport encourages you to continue with sports during adulthood, which will have a very positive effect on your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of aches and pains musculoskeletal." . The secretary of the CPFCM also emphasizes that children must be educated to ensure that their leisure alternates sedentary activities that provide certain knowledge, such as the use of certain electronic devices, with others that encourage sports to be able to exercise and care at the same time. body and mind getting a more complete development.

Tips for buying gifts

Together to the tips of the CPFCM, there are other guidelines that must be taken when buying a gift:

- Avoid buying very expensive and complicated toys. The most expensive is not always the best.

- Avoid giving constantly and for no reason. Drowning children with lots of toys does not encourage their illusion about dates like the day of kings and sometimes they are so surrounded by toys that they get bored.

- Avoid children being fooled by advertising in which, for example, the size of toys is superior and the quality seems better. It can be solved by taking the children to the toy store to see what they deserve or not.

- No remorse toy, the one that replaces the time that has not been dedicated.

- No to the revenge toy, the one that would have liked to have the parents but and they did not get it.

- Remember the child's age or make unnecessary gifts.

Damián Montero

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