Fear of fatherhood, how to leave behind doubts?

Being a father is an experience full of joys that change life. But precisely because of this alteration it can cause fears in adults who are faced with the decision to bring a child into the world. Will I be able to face this responsibility? Can I change someone so delicate? How will the couple's day-to-day life be from now on?

However, all these fears They are in the head of the parents and in most cases they are simply related to the fear caused by the arrival of a new situation. For this reason, Sara Navarrete's Psychology Center focuses on these cases so that no one feels unable to face the arrival of a child at home.

Common fears of fatherhood

Navarrete exposes the following fears as the most common among parents who face the decision to become parents:

- Fear of strong routine change. Parents may feel that their life can be drastically altered and that a baby will change their life to make it worse preventing them from enjoying other aspects.

- Fear of making life compatible with baby care. The work requires many hours, will it be possible to reconcile both worlds? Can the child be given all the attention it requires?

- Insecurities about the ability to be good parents. Fatherhood is a new experience never faced. How will this situation be experienced? Do they possess the necessary skills to face it?

Face the fears before becoming parents

Fears before becoming a parent are normal, but they must also be overcome. Navarrete suggests the following tips to address them:

- Talk with your partner about fears and insecurities. The support of the other person is very important in these situations and will always be there to remember that these terrors are unfounded.

- Trust in yourself. Every person is born with the ability to be a good father or a good mother. With trust and dedication, everything will end well.

- Get prepared. If the terror is not being able to face this situation, there are preparation courses that teach the basic notions for parents, from how to take the baby to the diaper change.

- Positive projection. A good way to think that everything will be fine is to imagine the good points that are to come: family walks, the first Christmas with a child. All these memories are coming.

- No comparisons. The previous examples are good for learning and receiving advice, but each person is a world and comparisons are of little use.

Damián Montero

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