Psychologists in adolescents, how to avoid the stigmas of this situation

When something hurts, the specialist or the attending physician is asked to perform an evaluation and determine what is the best way to solve this problem. Going to these experts is common when it comes to physical ailments, but when the problem is in the mind it seems that it costs more to ask for this help. Go to the psychologist It has great stigmas nowadays, although its visits to them are very necessary in some cases.

The stigmas of visits to psychologist they are seen especially among teenagers. At these ages the search to fit in with the rest and not be rejected can cause young people to feel shame when it comes to recognizing that they receive this help. Helping to overcome these fears will be necessary before starting these therapies since they can pose a problem more to those already dragged.

Understand the benefits

As the psychologist explains Maria Dolors Mars The first step is to make the teenager see that he has a problem that must be solved. The comparison with a physical ailment is a good idea since it will allow the young person to understand that he needs help that can not come from other means. This expert is as necessary as a cardiologist or an ophthalmologist.

If the adolescent understands that his visits to the psychologist respond to the search of his social-emotional well-being and that this specialist can help him in his daily problems, the possible ones will be less taken into account negative reactions and resistance against it. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is recommended to provide information about them that offer more information than stigmas without consistency.

Parents should also know the stigmas that most relate to visits to the psychologist. Mars points to the following as common:

- The psychologist changes you. False, who changes is the patient having a problem not to present it thanks to the application of a treatment.

- It will last a lot. The visit to the psychologist is not whim, as in other treatments is better a lasting and effective treatment that short and that does not solve anything.

- "Are you crazy". No, there are many problems that may require the help of a psychologist without these being related to more serious disorders.

The stigma of parents

The stigmata of visits to the psychologist are not something of the present. In fact, older generations can be taken to the tremendous that their children visit this specialist. Like adolescents, parents should understand that these therapies do not mean that their children are crazy is not something to hide, or say it to the 4 winds.

These visits to the psychologist respond to the resolution of a problem such as a cold. A good idea is that parents are present in some sessions with their children so they can see the evolution of them and see how these therapies help them, in which they can also participate by providing information on the situation of the young people at home.

You also have to eliminate the idea that going to the psychologist is a safe activity. Many parents may think that these professionals they only take advantage of a situation that the adolescent can overcome by himself. But postponing this treatment will only make the young person's situation worse since he will not be receiving the corresponding help.

Damián Montero

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