Fun with cold, activities to enjoy with the child despite the temperatures

The cold arrived, swimsuits and short sleeves are already in a corner of the home along with other summer clothes. Now it's time to get used to the idea that the cold came, a temperature drop that comes accompanied by unstable weather, which makes many plans can be altered. However, the descent of mercury is no excuse for not having fun.

The whole family has great leisure options to devote to them and laugh in a group. That the cold does not stop you and yours from having a great time. If you know how to search, you will end up finding an activity that everyone likes and that makes fun come home.

Activities for cold days

You just have to imagine a little and you will end up finding some activity to enjoy on cold days. These are some that we propose so that low temperatures do not make you go through a state of boredom:

Kitchen. A great response for cold days, if the temperatures go down, at home the stove will ensure heat and fun. A dessert, a main dish or some cookies for breakfast or snack. Choose the dish and go to work.

Day in the snow. A good plan for the weekend is to go with the children to a snowy area. Without forgetting the right equipment to avoid cold, from a snowman to a walk in this environment will ensure a day of family fun.

Start a craft. There are thousands of options to work at home and develop fine motor skills while getting an article that can be useful: a portfolio, a bookmark or a keychain. There are many options that can be kept in mind for the days when the thermometer drops further.

Pick up the house. Yes, the cold days, and especially those of bad weather, can be dedicated to tune the home. Do a thorough cleaning, handing out the papers, and culminating the day with a meal that rewards all the effort for the family.

Visit nativity scenes. The cold also heralds the arrival of Christmas, a time when many options open before us. An example is the nativity scenes that are mounted in churches and other centers for visits. A day trip to see them is a great plan to do as a family.

Ice skating. During the winter season numerous shops and leisure centers install ice skating rinks. Going with the family and learning these techniques are an option that ensures laughter and good times among all.

Cultural plans. The cold in the street is the perfect excuse to seek refuge in places that promote culture: theaters, museums, exhibition halls, there is always something interesting to see in the city and that will help avoid low temperatures.

Damián Montero

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