Smartwatch, a gadget not recommended for children

New technologies are here to stay, and they have done so in many ways. Not only do computers allow connection to Internet, also other platforms such as mobiles and even televisions serve to access online content. Also other simpler devices such as watches serve to navigate the network, becoming a common gadget in many people.

Even the children have not been left behind. Many children's dolls wear one of these smartwatches that allow them a constant connection to Internet. But, to what extent is it recommended that a minor carry one of these devices? From Germany, parents are advised to avoid using these devices in their children because of the risks involved, for example, an easy location in real time for strangers.

Easy espionage

Internet does not stop being a gateway for entry and exit. Through the network you can access a multitude of online content, but from the universe you can also access the devices that are on the other side. In this way, the smartwatches in children they become a portal that can be accessed by numerous undesirables who could know the location of the children at any time.

The German Federal Internet Agency alerts parents of the dangers of wearing one of these devices on their wrist. The notice focuses especially on smartwatches that have location options in real time. Devices that from the German country forbid for the reasons mentioned above. "These watches can not and should not be used as authorized devices for this type of transmission, which is foreign to the owner of the watch," explains Jochen Homann, president of this entity.

Germany notes that these smartwatches can be controlled remotely through an application. Tool with which a person in the distance could even activate some watch instruments like the microphone or camera, allowing access to private material of the smallest. Therefore, this agency recommends parents immediately destroy these devices if their children already have them to avoid these possible problems.

Internet and privacy

You can not ignore the point where the Internet can involve the access of strangers to personal information such as location and photographs. Not only smartwatches can allow this entry, also computers or mobile phones can serve as a gateway for strangers. Therefore, since Agency of protection of data A series of points are remembered to protect the privacy of the household members.

First, it is recommended to review the privacy settings, both new devices and web pages that are visited. Tools as the location in real time must be disabled. At the same time, locking and unlocking instruments should be used as much as possible. Codes, passwords and other utilities should not be missing in terminals to hinder the access of other people.

You also have to remember the age of the most little ones. Do you really need a mobile terminal with an internet connection? Sometimes a device that allows calls and send messages is enough, without using the network. In this way, problems such as those derived from real-time location tools can be prevented.

Damián Montero

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